Review: Fake SMS+ for iPhone

Do you enjoying seeing those funny SMS conversations that are all over the web, similar to the picture on the side? Well I can tell you that most of them are fake. The application Fake SMS+, developed by Never Give Up, is an iPhone application that lets you do just that. It will create fake SMS conversations for you to fool your friends and family.

Fake SMS+ does not actually send a fake text message to a person using a spoofed number like SpoofText does, but it does allow you to create some clever fake conversations to show people. The application is very easy to use and very fun. You can even prank people on the spot using Bluetooth.

Faking people on the spot using Bluetooth requires that you have an accomplice who also has the Fake SMS+ application. You each connect via bluetooth and can send messages back and forth so that the person you are pranking thinks that you are really chatting with them.

Fake SMS+ is a clever application and is a perfect application to prank your friends with. It is available on the Apple App Store for $0.99. Check it out today!


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