Send Fake Text Messages With SpoofTexting For iPhone

We have all seen the spoof dialing program where you can prank someone by using any number you want. You call up the spoofing service and they reroute your call so it looks as though you are calling from a different number.  This is always a funny prank to pull on people. You could even change your voice with the built in voice changer.

Now the creators of have also created SpoofTexting where you can fake your text messaging number. Wouldn’t it be funny to message your friend using his girlfriend’s phone number and tell him she is pregnant? Well now  you can. SpoofTexting allows you to send text messages to anyone in the USA from any phone number you want. You can actually specify what number you want the message to appear from! The person receiving the message will not be able to distinguish if the message is really coming from that phone number, or from you spoofing the number. SpoofTexting is an application that you can download on Cydia (must be jailbroken as Apple obviously would not allow this in the AppStore).

SpoofTexting is the only app that can send messages to every wireless provider in the USA, including Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Try SpoofCard for FREE! If you visit the Spooftexting website you can earn free credits to try out the service. Inside the application you can purchase additional credits starting at $4.99 for 10 messages.

SpoofCard Text Message Spoofing

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    can i ask you something ?
    yeah what
    do you like josh in grd 7
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  2. Casey Gaines says

    is it possible for the spoof sender to receive a text back from the spoofed number and it be on the senders phone records? could it be some type of confirmation text?

  3. arnold says

    If someone is doing this and sending violent txt to themselves from my phone number will a phone record from their carrier prove this…urgent

  4. spoofed one says

    Who ever came up with this is a coward and anyone who uses it it’s also a coward. why can’t people just be honest. the people that use this use it solely to ruin peoples lives. Ya sure really cool app you bunch of cowards.

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