Review: Discovr Music for iPad or iPhone

Discovr Music, from Jammbox, is a unique and effective way to find new music you like. Discovr is universal for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (I use it on iPad for the larger screen). It works well for all the devices just depends on personal preference.

Discovr works by first analyzing your music library to find your most played songs and add their artists profiles to your favorites at the bottom of the app. Above the favorites is a search bar for you to search for any artist, once you do something interesting happens. The searched artist is animated into the center of the screen and six other similar artists are dispersed out around your search. From there you can continue to press once on the similar artists to see artists that relate to them. If there is a similar artist already displayed the web moves to make more connections. Once you find an artist you are interested in you can double tap on their picture to see more information about them. In this Bio page you see relating YouTube videos at the top, a biography on the bottom left, next to that a list of some of their songs that you can preview,then blogs, reviews, and links. Most of the time videos are pretty good and relate to the band, same with the

biographies but occasionally false information can be present. Once you find interesting stuff like one of their songs you like you can buy the song, share to twitter, Facebook, or by email. Out of everything these are all amazing features but the thing I like most is the overall user interface. It is beautiful and works well for discovering music, the app flows really well and information is displayed in a more interesting way then just a boring list like iTunes Genius.

In conclusion Discovr is a quality app for iPad and iPhone. It is well worth the $.99, to play with a new way to discovr your own new music. Try it out and let me know how you like it in the comments!


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