PRESS RELEASE: LEI Mobile + iPhoneSidekick

UPDATE 3: Please discuss the iPhoneSK in our forums: Click here for the Link

UPDATE 2: We Fixed The iPhoneSK Bug: For Real This Time

UPDATE 1:The app is now live! Refresh your sources and go download it now! 🙂

Good morning everyone. Today, is a very special day. Today, we are going to do something special.

A couple months ago, my data died. As you all know, I have the Sidekick prepaid ($1 a day) plan from T-Mobile (USA). This gives me unlimited data and unlimited texting for just $1 a day.

Well, I was among one of the few who had figured out a way to get cellular data even after T-Mobile killed data for the iPhone. I dubbed this “p1nksn0w”. Now, I wanted to share this with all of you, however, we never had the appropriate support from people who had servers. We didn’t have the backup of the community.

Well, the personal server that I was using for about 7 months, died one day. I was chatting online, and all of a sudden, it died, never to be heard from again. This was from one of our readers, who graciously allowed me to use his private server for my data use. Well, all good things must come to an end.

Now, I was using random free servers to use data. They crashed often as well, they were slow, unreliable, and very difficult to configure. Well, I stumbled on a start up. A new kind of service. A paid service from a company that had also figured out what “p1nksn0w” was destined to be.

Now, I was personally very intrigued by them and their services. This company was, iPhoneSidekick.

Well, initially, our relationship with iPhoneSidekick was very much just a “seller-buyer” relationship. However, I saw huge potential in them.

Well, today, I am very excited to announce that we have an exclusive partnership with iPhoneSidekick to work together to bring some cool stuff to market.

This new deal not only means new, unexplored, territory for us here at LEI Mobile, but it also means great things for our readers and our customers. The LEI Mobile + iPhoneSidekick deal will allow you all of you on the T-Mobile Sidekick (as well as on other plans that don’t allow you to get data on, such as the AT&T GoPhone plan) to get data once more for a great low price, even better customer service, and a very easy to install method.

Well, first, let’s talk about the ease of use and installation.

Installing your new data renabler is incredibly easy! It’s very simple. You just have to hop onto our brand new “iPhoneSK” application and check out the details, and the plans.

The iPhoneSK app will be available later today. Just hop on Cydia and refresh your sources. You’ll see “iPhoneSK”, just install it to your iPhone and get going.

Now, these plans are prepay. You can cancel at anytime. Say you are going to use data one month, but not the other, yet you will the following month, you can cancel your service at anytime, there will be no cancellation fees, and you can start back up at any time.

So cancel anytime. No early termination fees. No contract, and you can choose from plans starting at just $0.99 and go to $9.99.

Now, let me talk a little more about the plans and what our new deal will bring.

Typically, iPhoneSidekick will have a $1 a month plan that just gives you very limited service. Only Safari will work. Then, their $1.99 plan will give you slightly more services, however, many applications just won’t work.

Most people, are inclined to purchasing their $9.99 plan. This gives you unrestricted access to any and all data services that the iPhone offers, super fast data speeds, that’s just $9.99 a month. Now, this would be great, however, I believe that $9.99 is a bit steep for most users.

So what do we do about this. Well, this is where our exclusive deal comes into play.

As part of our exclusive deal, we will be offering that same, unrestricted access, data plan, with unlimited data usage, the same as their $9.99 plan, for just $7.99.

Yes folks, just $7.99.

We are very excited to bring this to market. We believe that their previous $9.99 plan was great, however, the price was too steep for most customers.

So, as part of a breakthrough, revenue-sharing deal for us here at LEI Mobile, we will transfer the savings to you guys, and offer the same great features and benefits found on the $9.99 plan, but for just $7.99 a month.

So. LEI Mobile + iPhoneSidekick.

A breakthrough deal that is sure to boost revenues for both companies as well as doing what we set out to do from the very beginning of these talks. That is to make this more accessible and affordable for our customers.

Now, to recap on today’s announcements.

$7.99 a month unlimited data reenabler plan:

Unrestricted Web Access.
Push Notification Support
iTunes, App Store, and iBooks support
Full HTTP/HTTPS Access
All E-Mail Is Supported
All Apps Supported
Ultra Fast Speeds
Cancel Anytime
No Contract
Exclusively From Our Breakthrough Deal

iPhoneSK iPhone app:

Free Download
Cydia (BigBoss Repo)
Purchase, Manage, Change Data Plans
Fix Sidekick Data With Plans
Detailed Plan Info
Great Customer Service
Same Beautiful AVBE v2.8 Core
Access Full Services Integration
Super Fast
Super Responsive
Available later Today

So there you go guys. Thank you very much for joining us today as we launch our partnership with iPhoneSidekick and the great end-user benefits.

I hope you all take advantage of this great new plan, and if you have the $9.99 plan, I strongly suggest that you switch over to our exclusive $7.99 deal, as you will get all of the same features of the $9.99 premium plan, for less.

Thank You!


  1. says

    By downloading the application we made as part of our exclusive partnership. It’s called “iPhoneSK”. It should be live in the next few hours. I submitted it to BigBoss at about 2am (Central) it’s 8am right now. So any hour now. I’ll keep you updated.

  2. Fahad says

    Perfect I have many college friends who hate paying $30 every month for the data. This $7.99 they gona love it

  3. says

    Fahad: well this reenables data after T-Mobile basically said “FU iPhone users, pay us $60 instead of the $30 u used to pay” but we basically said “hell no”. I’m gonna write a tutorial on how to get free* unlimited data from T-Mobile for $40 a year. A YEAR. $10 every 3 months. So just pay $7.99 for the data unblocking service and you’ve got yourself a breakthrough deal.

    Instead of paying $366+ a year, you’d be paying just $98 a year.

    Like I said. A breakthrough deal

  4. fahad says

    thats a really goooooddd deal waiting for the application. this service for sure gona hit att very good. right now im still on $20 a moonth data from att the very first one they offered with the original iphone. well im gona get this for sure.

  5. says

    Sweet. I’m beginning to confirm that this was a good business move as well as a great thing for our readers and customers. Spread the word 🙂 Id you can, go tell your friends or online forums 🙂

    I hope BigBoss hurries up and posts the app soon. Shouldn’t be too long now

  6. Merze says

    Hi, i’m coming over ro the us for a 2 week vacation. My friend there is a resident. What do I need to do or him in order to get this running? Guess I need some tmobile simcard, right? And the app of course.. Any help appreciated! Destination is NYC btw.

    • says

      Go to a T-Mobile store, get a prepaid SIM, get the sidekick data plan by changing ur plan online, buy the data unblocked service, and use data 🙂

    • says

      This is not a data network. This will unblock ur data if it’s been blocked. However I will be posting a tutorial soon on how to get data basically free from T-Mobile, and all u need to really pay monthly is the (I recommend) $7.99 plan.

  7. Fahad says

    I just downloaded the app there r many icons everytime I click on any icon it crashes?? Only BUY icon works

  8. MrSpring says

    Just downloaded the app. great idea! However, it crashes 🙁 Do you have any FAQ link that I can review until the app. is fixed?

    Thank you,

  9. John says

    How exactly does this work? Do I just cancel my t-mobile plan and add this thru lei? If do that will be a major savings as I have two iPhone on the $30 Data plan. Thanks for the response.

  10. says

    Guys, I had the same weird crashing bug on my iPad when I checked it. Redownload the app. It works just fine on my 3G. Open Cydia, then Go to “packages” then tap on “iPhoneSK” then hit “modify” then reinstall it.

  11. Andy says

    I tried downloading and using the app. When I open the app, every icon crashes the app, except “buy now”, but then all icons inside there crash the app. It does absolutely nothing right now. Please fix this. Also I’m highly anticipating your guide soon to data plans for $40 a year! Where will you be writing/posting this to?

  12. says

    Okay. Guys. I sent Brandon the app that is running on my iPhone 3G (3.1.3) so you’ll see an update in Cydia later today.

    Im in Chicago right now, so thrres not much I can do from here.

    The tutorial will be posted here on

    The crash seems to come when the app is invoking a webview. Not sure why. It runs fine on my iPhone and on other iPhones and even iPod touch.

    Redownload the app in Cydia. If that doesnt fix it, wait for the update later today.

  13. Claudia says

    Soo I hav tmobile and a locked, but jailbroken iPhone (obviously) an tmobile service on my regular phone.. How can I get this plan? Because when I press the Button that says buy now, it doesn’t work.

  14. lost_iphone says

    im still very confused with this.
    so we have to pay leimoible $7.99 a month and STILL pay t-mobile for the $1 a day sidekick plan ?

    this is just a data plan right?
    no minutes ?

    • lost_iphone says

      im paying $10 for unli text & $20 for web at t-mobile.
      seems cheaper than paying $1 a day with the sidekick plan.

        • says

          This service works on any phone that supports certain things (details upon request, but direct those requests to iPhoneSidekick (or Tucker Lee).

          Also, the service works on 100% of all plans. But this is only useful when your carrier either restricts where you can or can’t go (like if you live in China and have restrictions) or if your carrier blocks data for whatever reason to the phone (like the T-Mobile Sidekick Plan and AT&T GoPhone plans for example)

  15. Len dog says

    I’m so confused. Ok I have AT&T I’m on my parents contract but my mom recently cancelled the data on my iPhone to save $30 a month. If I download this and pay the 7.99 a month will I be able to access data when I’m not on wifi in my home? If so that’s great and I’m willing to make a donation the the creator of this app!!!

  16. says

    Len Dog: hmm. I dont really have an answer for you there. I guess you can try it. Im not sure if itll work with plans that dont have a data plan. Even then, AT&T may charge you thousands of dollars if u use data.

  17. UBERiphone says

    sounds like this is pointless if we still have to pay LEI & t-mobile for the data plan.

    i have flexpay and get text for $10 and web for $30
    seems like paying $1 a day for the sidekick plan will add up to be about the same.

  18. Fahad says

    I finally got it. I’m on AT&T $20 data/200text plan which is cheaper than this sk plan. I’m keeping that good luck guys

  19. says

    This is one of the greatest deals you will ever find. Once I post my tutorial on how to get this breakthrough $98 a year (+ $40 for T-Mobile per year) instead of $366+ you’d pay and NOT get data, you’ll turn around 🙂

    Also, this isn’t for everyone, like a lot of products 🙂 but it is a big thing 🙂

    You’ll see how great this is in the coming days 🙂

    • UBERiphone says

      ok so how much will i have to pay to get

      500 minutes, free nights & weekends
      unlimited text & web

      u said u guys can set up a plan right ?

  20. says

    That is up to your carrier. We are not a cell carrier. We aren’t a cellular company. We provide a service that unblocks or takes away restrictions with your web that your cell carrier provides.

    This will all make sense after I post my tutorial. It’s taking a while to post, i Know, but I haw to be sure that you all understand what is going on.

  21. says

    I needed this app, cause my web doesn’t work. It’s only for prepaid plans, but the $7.99 price can’t be beat for unlimted web. Download the app try it, I’m sure AT&T and tmobile web packages are double the price of the packages provided by iphonesk. I was sick when I lost the use of my web with my prepaid plan, cause I only use two $10 prepay cards a month. I refuse to pay more than $15 per month to use the web.

  22. Brandon says

    That’s works for contract plans and you don’t even need the proxy for the 10.00 plan

    This is only for the sidekick plan which blocks iPhones

  23. umidk says

    hmm having second thoughts on this. bought it and still nothing. been about 2 days now. ive read that this could be a scam of some sort. any way weird thing is i can access certain websites but not all. so data is working just not fully. any one experiencing the same as me.

  24. says

    I assure you. This is no scam. We would never partner with a company that would scam our readers. Remember, I started out as a customer a well. The only reason that I even considered partnering with them was because of the great service that I received. They had no clue who I was because I hadn’t told them, and it went great, so then I brought up talks for negotiations for this partnership.

    I am almost certain that they don’t work on weekends. Also, as vie told you, they are swamped with a bunch of people just trying to get on the service. Just wait it out until Monday. I’ll find some sort of compensation for the issues that may have been caused. I will post a notice that they work from Monday -> Friday.

    Us here at LEI Mobile work 24/7 basically.

    Now, keep in mind, we are not the ones providing the service, we are partnering to offer a lower price, app, revenue sharing, etc.

    Why can u only access like some wap sites with at-Mobile sidekick? Because that’s T-Mobile’s deal against iPhone users. Which is where this service comes in.

    Lol, I’m using it right now to get my data and wifi tether my iPad and macintosh. I don’t have data at home, so this is the holy way I get data. And it’s worked great.

    If you don’t believe me, you can google around. Ive mentioned this many times in the last couple months, even before our exclusive deal came into play.

  25. John says

    I wasn’t able to get sidekick plan. It appears tmobile requires the users to own a sidekick on order to sign up for that plan. I hope the tutorial that Alan talked about earlier will clarify how to get set up to use the new $7.99 plan and how to get sidekick plan or data compatible plan from tmobile.

    Let’s give them sometime to respond… It takes a lot of work to get things sorted out at the beginning. It was stated that tutorial will be up some time this weekend, so give them a break.

  26. John says


    When does the 1 month prepaid period begin?
    Is it the 1st day of the month or the day I make my first payment? How long does it take to receive an email with activation information once I make the payment? How does the payment work? (Do I pay for 1 year period at once or do you withdraw money on specific day of the month)

    If I decide to cancel at later time, what do I do to cancel the plan? Is it automated or do I need to contact a real person? How can you assure us that I won’t be charged again once I cancel it? (Sorry, bad experience with magazine subscriptions. They are like monsters that just keeps on coming back to life)

  27. says

    It begins the 1st day after your payment has been processed and You are on your server. You pay every 30 days. It doesn’t take long. 1-2 days (but they don’t work weekends like we do, we work like 24/7, lol, but we are not providing the service end, we provide other things, so we can’t sign people up, they have to do it, kinda like Apple & AT&T’s exclusivity contract, AT&T provides the service and Apple, us, provide a kickass way to get it and make your life simple)

    You pay 1 payment of whatever plan you get every 30 days.

    To cancel, just send an email and they can both close your account, or reopen it, or even change what plan you want. They have kickass customer service.

    You have to send the payments every month, we don’t take (for example) $7.99 every month until you cancel, you have to pay $7.99 every 30 days on your own, however, I think we can take $7.99 every 30 days if you want, but otherwise, no.

    It’s cool. I understand, we’ve all run into some bad service, but that’s why we worked hard to partner with the right people, and do it right the first time. (but of course, there are minor glitches in the beginning with any major launch, for example, the “crashing bug” in the app, which was just a stupid little mistake we made)

  28. iphonetechy says

    hi bought this and still nothing. its been a few days now. i would expect them to send an email by now explaining what to do. i see others are havin the same problem. are they having issues or something i dnt kno of. pls help

  29. says

    I’m having difficulties getting through to them as well, however, I’ve had people tell me that their plans have been activated and working. So I guess they have a queue by oldest request to newest.

  30. Jj says

    After the install what happens. Is there anything else I need to do? So far safari just trys to load but then says there’s no connection. Nothing else works either.

  31. says

    jj: it should just work, unless youve messed with some of your settings on accident. Conact them and tell thewhat carrier you have, what plan, and uninstall the file, reset network settings, and reinstall it. It all just works. Ive had a lot of successes from people, so it should all be working just fine. Im guessing it’s an APN issue. Just some wrong line of text. Reset ur network settings and reinstall the profile.

  32. says

    thank you Darthredskin. I’m glad you are happy. 🙂 Thanks for your buisness!

    Also, I encourage other people to tell their success stories here to have people believe me that this is no scam.

    You just need to be patient and bear with us.

    Now, we have some cool stuff coming VERY SOON.

    Some of you may have seen the article that was leaked here at LEI Mobile a couple of days ago. The incident was not sanctioned by us. However, I will confirm that automated account set up is coming. As well as many other great things for even better service, not only that, same day service will be even more probable.

    Just be patient. Keep buying.

    Also as for tethering, we are still negotiating. This will be an even bigger incentive.

    I will however say that tethering will only be activated on the $7.99 plan. I’m trying to push an optional add on for $0.99 on the $7.99 plan.

    So if you want tethering in the next few weeks, assuming we get the deal all set up, buy the $7.99 unlimited plan because we WILL NOT be providing tethering for any other plan besides the $7.99 plan.

  33. Wyatt says

    I just had a question for people who are on the $7.99 plan.

    What type of speed are you seeing on it? Like could you run a speed test online with your phone and tell me what speed you get?

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