How To Save $326 A Year On Your iPhone Bill

Hey guys, well, the tutorial has been very anticipated, but here it is. I’m gonna tell you how to get insanely cheap data, texting*, and calling* from T-Mobile USA on the prepaid Sidekick data plan.

Now, before we start, let me clarify, when I say “texting*” it’s not SMS texting as in using the default Messages app on the iPhone, but rather a texting replacement by using Push Notifications to make you not miss native texting at all.

Also, when I say “calling*” I don’t mean native calling. I mean using a VOIP service by using the cheap data that you are getting to place web based calls. You can use various apps to accomplish this and a lot of them are free.

So, let’s start by getting the sidekick plan itself. Now, there are 2 ways to get the sidekick pre paid plan. The first is by lying. Go to a T-Mobile store, (bring about $30 + tax) and ask for a prepaid sidekick sim. Tell them that you didn’t bring your sidekick and that it’s at home. They won’t/shouldn’t care, they’ll give you the sim.

The second way is to go to your local Walmart or even T-Mobile store. Go get a regular prepaid sim. Doesn’t matter. This will set you back just $10 if you get it from the T-Mobile store. Activate your sim and then go to and switch your plan to the prepaid sidekick plan. It’s the “$1 a day” plan.

That covers getting the sidekick plan itself. Now, you should have either $10 or $30 in your account. We can’t have that. We need to NOT have an even dollar amount. So make a call somewhere. Make a 1 minute call to get charged like $0.15 I believe. Now, you will have (for example) $9.85 or $29.85. That’s what we want. We don’t want $XX.00, we need $XX.01 -> $XX.99 in the account. This is where the T-Mobile glitch will come into play.

Now, that “glitch” which has existed for YEARS now is what will make this all work very nicely.

Now, T-Mobile won’t allow us iPhone users to use the sidekick data anymore. This is where the iPhoneSK service comes into play. So go to Cydia, download the “iPhoneSK” app, and sign up for the $7.99 plan. (other limited plans are available as well) Now, after you’ve been set up by our new exclusive partners, you should now have data.

Now, I recommend downloading either “Textie” or “AIM” for the iPhone. Now activate push notifications. These will be your text messages. Push Notifications makes it feel as if they are text messages. They also act as text messages because they are instant and you can text actual phones as well as IMs.

Now, for calling, you can go download a VOIP app from the App Store. Skype calling can cost a bit of money, but I am sure that there are a lot of apps to get free calling over cellular data. I don’t call on my iPhone so all I need is texting (which is substituted by push notifications)

Now, what happens when your T-Mobile account hits $0.00? You said this was a breakthrough deal. There’s nothing breakthrough about paying $30 + $7.99 a month. Nope. Nothing breakthrough about THAT. HOWEVER, your account will not hit $0.00. It will (for example, if you don’t make any calls or anything besides the first call u made) get stuck at $0.85. This is where the glitch enlies.

You see, T-Mobile takes exactly $1.00 (100 cents) every 24 hours. However, if you don’t have enough for T-Mobile to take $1.00 for that day, they don’t take a cent out of your account. This is where you only have to pay $10 every 3 MONTHS. Why $10 every 3 months? Because that’s the limit T-Mobile gives, your account will expire in 90 days if you use a $10, $15, $30, or $50 refill card. Which is why you need to pay T-Mobile $10 every 90 days to keep your T-Mobile account alive.

Now, your unlimited SMS texting (with the Messages app) will be cut off during this glitch and you WILL be charged $0.10 for each message received and $0.05 sent, so tell your friends not to text you. However, (this is the glitch part) you will still have your unlimited data. (but, without the iPhoneSK data unblocking service/plan, you won’t be able to use that sweet, sweet, free data)

So, all you need to pay per month is $7.99 for the iPhoneSK data unblocker plan and $10 every 90 days to T-Mobile. This is extremely better than paying $30 a month for unlimited texting and not even get data because they block it, or worse, pay $37.99 a month to get data unblocked by us.

So, on a yearly basis, you would pay $95.88 for the data unblocker (iPhoenSK plan) + $40 for T-Mobile, A YEAR! That’s just $135.88 a YEAR using this tutorial, as opposed to $366 (T-Mobile) + $95.88 (iPhoneSK), AKA $461.88 a YEAR.

So which do you think is better?

$135.88 A YEAR (Tutorial) (unlimited texting, fast unlimited data, and calling*)


$461.88 (T-Mobile regular + data unblocker) (unlimited text, unlimited data, $0.15 a minute for calling)

I’d choose my tutorial’s $135.88 deal. THAT’S A SAVINGS OF OVER $326 A YEAR!

You could buy a new iPhone with that $326 in savings.

Now, I hope you see the benefits of our exclusive deal. This plan is the best in the country. There is no other deal in the country that can match that and work on the iPhone.

So go out there and save $326 a year!

Now, I hope a lot of you will now get why the LEI Mobile + iPhoneSK exclusivity deal is such a big deal. This is why I was very excited to bring this to our customers and our readers. This can benefit everyone. Who wouldn’t want to save $326 in this economy?

P.S. – You can even tether using the iPhoneSK plan as well as Wi-Fi tethering while using this so it’s an even bigger savings per year if you get home wifi, unlimited texting, unlimited data, and calling* for just $135.88 a year. Seeing that most home web connections are $30+ a month, that can save you almost $800 a year.

However, we are not yet marketing wifi tethering or tethering service yet, I may need to check to see what I can do, legally, and or renegociate our deal to accommodate official tethering support on the iPhoneSK plan. It may be an add on. (Possibly an extra $0.99 for official tethering support on the iPhoneSK plan)

I am doing this personally with my iPhoneSK data account and set up, but I’m not sure of the legalities or anything with our exclusive deal yet to allow you guys to do the same.

I will keep you updated. However, you should get the plan now, because as I said, it would just be an extra add on to the $7.99 plan. πŸ™‚

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  1. Travis says

    Also if you can use google voice, will the SMS on google voice work. I know Cydia has a few apps made to use google voice on the iphone, and they work good. I think it will be a lot easier if google voice work.

  2. RT says

    Alan, what about AT&T go phone plan, currently I am stuck with 3.1.3 upgrade can’t unlock because I have newer bootloader.
    I will unlock once there is a way, until then to use iphonesk plan with go phone, do they have any glitches?

  3. says

    Travis: Yes, Google Voice works wonderfully, you can even go to, they have an amazing HTML5 web app.

    RT: as long as the plan has unlimited data, you can use iPhoneSK without worrying. It’ll allow you to access data.

    Umidk: Yeah, sorry, they don’t work weekends. I’m going to add a memo to our articles. I apologize for the lack of this little detail. They’ll take care of you on Monday.
    πŸ™‚ They Gould be packed with new orders, but I sent them an email specifying you, and they should take care of you on day 1 πŸ™‚

  4. says

    Umm, it’s extremely simple and I said how. Go to Cydia, download our iPhoneSK app, then tap “buy now” check out the plans, there are currently 3 available. $0.99, $1.99, and $7.99 a month. The $0.99 and $1.99 are limited-access plans. The $7.99 is unlimited access and nothing is blocked.

    Then you buy with your Google Checkout account (PayPal support inside of the app is coming soon) and you wait.

    The email iPhoneSK will send you will tell you how to get everything working. It’s as simple as tapping on a file to install it on your iPhone.

    If you need further assistance, just reply to the email you get from iPhoneSidekick.

    However, I doubt you’ll need more help, it’s extremely simple.

    They don’t work on weekends, but they will still take orders. They will resume filling out orders tomorrow, Monday.

  5. mr. says

    oh ok i was just not patient enough lol sorry.
    i thought it is intantly sending some computergenerated email back.

  6. says

    Mr.: lol, nope. Not at all. You are always talking to a living human being when you contact iPhoneSK or us here at LEI Mobile. I am not a fan of automated responses. I’m a regular Joe like everyone and I know how frustrating and absurd automatic responses can get. It’s like “let me talk to a human already!”

    To me, it’s all about the customer experience. Mike and Brandon are the same way, also, they can tell you at how OCD I can get about our applications and such. Just little details that make your guys’ lives easier and it’s a better presentation and experiencel and that’s what were all about here at LEI Mobile, a great experience, presentation, content, and services. If there’s something that people don’t like, we fix it. It’s the only way to progress as a company, how ever big or small we are/can become.

  7. says

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  8. says

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    I actually like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you’re saying and the way by which
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    I cant wait to learn far more from you. That is actually a great site.

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