Phil Schiller Confirms White iPhone In “Spring”; What iPhone Is He Really Referring To?

Hey guys, some breaking news hitting us this morning. It looks like Phil Schiller has let out some news. It appears that he has stated that the white iPhone will come “this spring”. However, I don’t think he’s referring to the iPhone 4. Why? 2 reasons.

The first, he never said iPhone 4. He just said “iPhone”. Phil Schiller is the SVP of World Product Marketing at Apple, he has to use the correct names for the devices, so why not in this instance? Sure, it could be because he was on Twitter, but remember, this is Apple we’re talking about.

He had to get approval to say this in a public medium.

Also, until June 21st, it’s still Spring. Apple’s rumored WWDC 2011 dates are set to be on June 5-9th. This gives them time for a June 17th launch of iPhone 5. It’s still Spring.

Anything is possible, but it seems weird that he didn’t say “iPhone 4” seeing what he does at Apple.

More to come…


  1. Josh says

    Great news guys, personally I’m very excited for the next iPhone. A supposed larger screen, and hopefully the A5 processor with over 50 fps in gaming graphics vs a fraction of that with the A4. Imagine infinity blade and hd racing games with this power on the retina or a even higher res screen

  2. T says

    I love how AT&T has let us upgrade after only 1 year even though we sign a 2 year contract for the iPhones. At least one thing they’ve been doing right. Hope they do the same this time.

  3. Josh says

    I’m glad I grandfathered unlimited data, hopefully they won’t take that away, I’m due for an upgrade in may so I’m ready for iPhone 5 🙂

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