P1nkSn0w Now Available!

Hey guys, well, as you may have known, P1nkSn0w officially launched yesterday, but we had a couple minor glitches with our launch day, however, we still had a lot of new customers. A majority of those are people switching from other companies to P1nkSn0w.

So, just to recap, P1nkSn0w is a service that will unblock your data. Most notably, allow you to use data on your Sidekick prepaid plan on your iPhone. You can click here to go to the press release to learn more about it and how it works!

So, how can you get access to purchasing our service? You have 2 options right now. You can go into Cydia and download the new P1nkSn0w app, or you can go directly to the checkout counter by clicking below on the plan that you want to buy.

Also, we are still having a couple bugs with Google Checkout so we will still not be offering Google Checkout as an option yet. We will soon, but not until these issues are fixed.
In the mean time, we will be accepting PayPal, you can pay with PayPal right now.

We will get to you very quickly (usually we are done it in a matter of minutes) and you’ll receive your new mobileconfig file with instructions on how to install it and start enjoying your data once more!
Here are our plans:

P1nkSn0w Basic Plan: $0.99 a month will allow you to surf the web through Safari all that you want and check your email. This plan is more suitable for those of you who are just casual web surfers and don’t need serious data.

P1nkSn0w Unlimited Plan: $4.99 a month will allow you to use all of your data, even for streaming videos or audio files from YouTube or other online radio stations. Love Pandora? With P1nkSn0w’s faster network, you’ll never skip a beat with Pandora.

P1nkSn0w Switcher’s Deal: As an incentive for switching from iPhoneSidekick to us, you will get a free month and another month for $2.99! This will all operate under the unlimited plan (Requires proof of purchase of iPhoneSidekick service). NO LONGER AVAILABLE SORRY!

Also, do you have a 2nd iPhone that you want to link to your new P1nkSn0w account? You can do so for an extra $1.99 a month (per additional phone).


  1. Jeremy Driscoll says

    I purchased this today, but have no idea how to access the internet through apps, or use safari with it. I have an active prepaid t-mobile sim with money on it. Someone please explain. I purchased the 4.99 month plan. And have emailed them already.

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