PRESS RELEASE: Introducing P1nkSn0w

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We ARE NOT able to accept at this time. T-Mobile is shutting down the Sidekick plan on May 31st.

All current customers are unaffected, but new customers are not being signed up. Make sure to check our Twitter for updates!

Also, please keep in mind that P1nkSn0w is not a substitute for your carrier. We also can not remove any data caps that your carrier may have placed on you. For example, we can’t make your 2GB data plan into an unlimited plan. That is impossible. We make non-iPhone exclusive data plans work with iPhone and iPad.

Good morning everyone. Today is a very special day, now, as you may have already known (as we made it very public), our relations with iPhoneSidekick are long over. They are over and done with due to the fact that they decided not to pay us for our hard work (they still haven’t paid by the way). Not just that, you guys were not satisfied with their services at all. It caused a domino effect and here we are today.

It has been very hectic here at LEI Mobile. Behind the scenes we have been working on some major things. Today, I am set to announce one of them, it is probably the biggest announcement, but we are formally introducing a new service that we would like to call, P1nkSn0w.

So what is P1nkSn0w? Simple, P1nkSn0w is a brand new network that we have been working on since the night that our iPhoneSidekick relations ended. This network is insanely powerful, fast, and VERY wallet friendly. P1nkSn0w does exactly what iPhoneSidekick did (unblock your data so that you can use your T-Mobile Sidekick plan, as well as other plans, on your iPhone or iPad!). However, we may do exactly the same thing at the core, but you have to hear everything before you make a judgment. We have things that iPhoneSidekick could only dream of, things that we have accomplished in 3 short weeks.

We have created a network, many times more powerful than iPhoneSidekick’s network, a network that cares about you, and will go above and beyond to make sure that you guys are taken care of. You all who have known us since our LimitedEditioniPhone days to now, know that when we do or say that we are doing something, we do it right the first time, and we keep our word.

Our quality is unmatched. So is our network. Our new P1nkSn0w network is insanely powerful, not just that, it’s a speed demon. Today, I will talk about what our new network does, some new innovations that have come from our minds joining together (along with a new member at LEI Mobile that has helped make this all possible), speeds, availability, access, and most importantly, price.

So let’s get started. Let’s talk a little about speeds. Now, the iPhoneSidekick network advertises unbelievable speeds. That is, when their network is even running. They advertise speeds even at 100mbps. Now, these are all “theoretical” speeds. As in, you will NEVER see these in the real world. This is an exaggeration for speeds.

We have dissected their network and ours and we have real world speeds for EDGE on T-Mobile. Now, EDGE’s maximum theoretical speeds exceed 300kbps, however, T-Mobile supports only about 190kbps real-world speeds (give or take 10kbps up or down from that number) here in the US. We will NEVER advertise unrealistic theoretical speeds, I don’t believe in tricking customers into thinking they are getting insane speeds, and then in the real-world, have crap speeds that don’t come near the speeds that were advertised.

Well, we have even taken screenshots of network comparisons. The iPhoneSidekick and P1nkSn0w comparison shots were taken on the same iPhone 3G, same area, just different networks. So, before I show you, I just want to say that this is probably the most tested product that we have done here. We have purposely tried to crash our network and used insane amounts of data to try to crash it, but it just couldn’t be done, nor did the speeds decrease. Also, don’t think that it was just us 4 testing this network, I invited people who read LEI Mobile and use our products to come and test the network, and they weren’t disappointed.

Well, when we tested both networks in the real world, we got very interesting results. As you can tell, the iPhoneSidekick got about 47kbps when it was tested in the real world. 47kbps. That’s it, 47kbps on full bars and in the same area and time as the P1nkSn0w test.

When we tested our network, we were very excited to see the results. We got results that far exceeded our expectations. We got speeds that were in the 140kbps -> 180kbps range. (Depends on if T-Mobile has a good network in your area, I’m in the 140 – 150kbps range, but one of our testers got 179kbps on multiple occasions, while using our network), as well as another that got 152kbps. However, most of our testers were in the central time zone, so most of us we were in that 140kbps -> 150kbps spot.

On my personal iPhone, I got 141kbps on 3 bars of EDGE. That’s impressive considering what you get with their network. Now, these are EDGE speeds, 3G speeds are a lot faster (according to our calculations, you can reach the full 3mbps that 3G has to offer, if your carrier supports it), however, since us T-Mobile USA users can’t use 3G, (and 99.99% of you guys are on T-Mobile) then we found no need to advertise anything other than EDGE.

I encourage you to test these speeds for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. :)

So that’s speeds. We have network that is about 4 times faster than the iPhoneSidekick network. Now, to my next point, what good is a network with such fast speeds but is constantly offline? Well, I had decided to delay launch and announcement of the network because I wanted to make sure that we had doubled up on everything.

We have been hard at work, not just creating a very powerful and robust network, but we have also been duplicating this network so that we could have a full backup system! Now, as you all know, the iPhoneSidekick network seems to go down A LOT, well, we have back up systems here, so if we have a server failure, we can switch servers in a matter of a couple minutes, we will also engage the backups when we need to do maintenance on the main servers so that you don’t miss a beat.

Also, what good is a network with such fast EDGE speeds if you can’t watch YouTube or stream media? You can’t use YouTube or stream very much media (or any QuickTime videos and audio) on their network. We have found a way for you guys to use YouTube and stream 99.99% of iOS compatible media out there! (Flash is not supported, obviously).

You can watch YouTube videos right from the YouTube app or through Safari and in HQ and not have it lag on you every few seconds. We can stream a High Quality, 3 minute YouTube video, with no lagging, with about 30 seconds of buffering, over EDGE! Very fast. Also, unlike the iPhoneSidekick network, if you see a Quicktime media file, you can tap on it and stream it right on your phone over EDGE.

We also support more applications than iPhoneSidekick. So if you have an app that doesn’t work on their network, it will most likely work with us, of course, there are those 0.001% of apps that don’t work because the developer uses strange protocols and calls for ports that are not supported by T-Mobile.

Another point that I really pushed on when I announced our separation was security. We made security a top priority since security and privacy were a huge concern for me. We’ve got the goods. Our servers and very well protected with modern security protocols, as well as some of our own security mechanisms that protect both you guys from having your data stolen and protect our network from attack.

As for privacy, we will NEVER give your information to other companies. Nor try to sell your e-mail addresses, names, and iPhone information like a certain company tried to do.

Your trust is more important to us than any amount of money.

Next is customer service. Customer service is one of the biggest concerns people have with iPhoneSidekick. They take days (if at all) to respond to a simple email. We will respond in a few minutes (or if we are very busy with something, like the first couple weeks after launch) a few hours. However, you will get a response within 24 hours on weekdays (usually a lot less time than that). We won’t deflect your questions, we love our customers and we will take care of them as best that we can.

Next up, access. So, as for access to the service, we will be accepting both PayPal and Google Checkout. I wanted to have as broad of a payment method as possible and as secure for both us and for you guys. So I decided that the PayPal and Google Checkout methods were the way to go.

We will also have a new iPhone application. We are also calling it P1nkSn0w. It will be available on Cydia this weekend, so stay tuned for that. I will be announcing P1nkSn0w as well as some updates to our other apps in the next couple days. I will also be announcing more information on our newest core, I will be introducing the new AVBE v3.0 core that we have been working for a long time. Since about January, but today is not the day for that, you will hear about that later this week. ;)

Anyways, now for the moment that you have all been waiting for. Time for you guys to know our plans! We have incredibly affordable rates. Our plans start at just $0.99 a month!

$0.99 will get you unlimited email and unlimited Internet when using Safari or any of our LEI Mobile applications. It’s very affordable, it’s also unmetered, as with all of our plans.

However, I think most everyone will purchase our unlimited plan. Our unlimited plan includes support for all applications, including Youtube support and media streaming. Everything is unmetered on this ultra-fast network. However, it’s incredible speed, security, unmetered use and very optimized media streaming capabilities are not the killer feature. The price is. Drum roll please….

We are going to offer our unlimited plan that includes everything (and much more) that we have talked about today for the extremely low price of $4.99 a month! That’s right, just $4.99 a month. This isn’t a promotional price, this is the actual price.

$4.99 is something that no one can compete with! This price completely blows away their $9.99 and $7.99 plans.

We will be supporting tethering with our network, but we will announce that later, after we’re not so busy so that we don’t have to deal with so much work. The price of our tethering add-on (per month) will be a mere $0.99, couple that with the plan, and you would pay $5.99, that’s still well below their lowest unlimited plan, where you would pay $7.99.

Now, as a special bonus, we are offering a special deal for all iPhoneSidekick customers who dump them and switch to us. We will give you your first month absolutely free, and the 2nd month, we will only charge you half of the $4.99 price. What’s better than that? A month free and paying just $2.99 for your second month, just for switching! We’re a far superior network, so why wouldn’t you switch anyways?

All you need to do is send us an email to with the subject “SwitchMe”. You just have to provide some sort of proof that you are switching from iPhoneSidekick, send us a receipt of some kind, as well as your name, and your email address that you are going to use to pay us, this would mean your email address for your PayPal or Google Checkout.

You can start sending your emails starting Thursday. We will add add you to our very sophisticated customer management system.

So, this is all great! So when will P1nkSn0w be available to the public?

Monday, July 26th is the day that we will unleash this all to the public.

We will be taking pre orders starting Thursday only if you are switching. Email us with your proof of purchase, then we will give you instructions and enter you into our system.

If you are a new customer, please sign up starting Monday. Please note that we are in the United States’ central time zone, and we do sleep, so if you email us at night, don’t expect a reply right away, we need to sleep too. ;)

So there you go everyone. The P1nkSnow network is very fast, powerful, extremely secure, great customer service, you can stream media seamlessly, and our unlimited plan is just $4.99 a month.

P1nkSn0w. Twice the quality. For half the price.

Thank you for joining us today, and for all for your enormous support. We await your orders!

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  1. Jeremy Driscoll says

    I purchased this today, but have no idea how to access the internet through apps, or use safari with it. I have an active prepaid t-mobile sim with money on it. Someone please explain. I purchased the 4.99 month plan. And have emailed them already.

    • says

      Umm, we aren’t accepting orders yet. I’ve made this pretty clear. We have no way to add you into the P1nkSn0w network at this time. It’s on our Twitters and it has been on our home page. We’ll be back within a few days, most likely next week. So please stay tuned into our homepage. We’ll announce when we are accepting new orders. We haven’t been accepting orders for about 6 weeks now, but we’ll be back shortly.

  2. Zach says

    I jut want to make sure of something. Once everything is operational again, I will be able to sign up and use this on my tmobile sim that has a pay as you go plan on it but not the sidekick plan? I’m fairly new to all this all this stuff so I just want to be sure before I buy an iPhone 3G from my friend. I know that this program was created before T-mobile disallowed new users on the sidekick plan, so I just want to be sure whethe or not you need the actual plan or if this proxy just lets you access the capabilities of the plan. Thanks.

      • Zach says

        I’m still slightly confused. Does this mean that I still am subject to the limitations of the data plan from T-mobile like limited amounts of data but I can now access it on the iPhone, or do I just need that plan so that I have access too the internet but the proxy then works around the limitations of the plan to give me unlimited data?

    • says

      Umm, actually no. I was stupid and just put the IMPORTANT UPDATE on the article and I assumed people would just read that and stop reading because believe it or not, lol, most people do that.

      • Anthony says

        I have a ? I purchased a iPhone 4 and I was curious if I was able to switch to this wonderful network if I would unlock my phone and buy a pre paid sim card to Watever carrier it’s required for this network the current carrier is at&t let me know I’m paying $265 a month

  3. Dice719 says

    We all make mistakes. Since you made one, maybe you can squeeze my order in 😉 lol. Btw, try removing all the old “Update” comments, will cause less of a confusion. One last thing, since your not taking orders I recommend disabling the Buy Now section (Or kill the paypal link) in the P1nkSn0w app.


  4. Dee says

    When Is mms gonna work. I can’t even open my cellular data network cuz it crashes. Once I take the proxy thing off mms wirks why is that

  5. Manuel says

    Hi! I am already a customer of PinkSn0w. I have a sidekick plan and I forgot to charge my account with a $10 prepaid card before the 3 month period, and now it seems my account is expired. I got no service, (it says not service) and my account in tmobile website doesnt exist. Anybody knows how can I get another sidekick plan or an activated sim with the same plan. Ive heard it is not available anymore in T-Mobile Website. I really need some help please. I await for any reply with some advice.
    Thank you very much

  6. Henry says

    hello i purchase the internet and just learned you arent accepting them right now . do you know when yo will be able to accept my internet because i payed.

    • says

      VERY VERY soon. 🙂 We are about to start training our new interns so that they know the procedure and our protocols. When they are trained and we run through some practices with them, then I’ll announce our return on the front page. 🙂

  7. Jon Dunn says

    So I read the article on p1nkSnow today and I want to join. Can I join if I have AT&T? Very curious, let me know asap. Thanks

  8. Melly says

    I just read about this article, and I am very interesting to know if I purchase this, do I going to be able to have unlimited Internet with att&t, I currently have 2GB in data plan.

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