[Update] NoAccSplash Updated to 1.0


For up to date information about NoAccSplash goto NoAccSplash Info


Well it’s finally here. I can finally call NoAccSplash a full release for iOS 5. This 1.0 update comes with a couple new features:

– Added a SBSettings Toggle for when you want to disable the plugin (Restart of Music and Videos apps maybe required)

– Added support for Videos app unlock. (Requests for this surprised me :P)


Get it now from the LEi Mobile Repo (http://beta.leimobile.com/repo/)

Get it now from the BigBoss Repo!

For a list of known supported/unsupported accessories check out Github


  1. Nym says

    I wanted to say thank you for providing this tweak or iOS 5 … I had the same functionality on iOS 4 and loved it when connecting my iPhone to my Kia Forte and was missing it after my update to 5.0.1 and though plying into my Kia loads all content in a fairly browsable manner it’s just not simple to jump straight to a song or playlist. Your tweak solves the problem of not being able to view the iPod interface and I humbly thank you.


  2. Garrett says

    I can’t get this to download to my iPhone 4. How do I get the download link or do I need to download it through my phone?

    • Nym says

      First you must be jailbroken. Then add the repo above to sources in Cydia. Then search Cydia for “NoAccSplash”

  3. unmyke says

    By the way, there is the newer version of noaccsplash on Github then on the Bigboss repo. When it will be release?

  4. says

    @EDDGAME – A fix is currently being tested and it should be out within a week

    @unmyke – whats really going to blow your mind is theres an even newer version on my computer 😛 Im working on testing it and getting more than 1 tiny little thing to work before the next update

    I will also create a product type page where all relating information to this tweak will be posted

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