EXCLUSIVE: iWork Apps Pulled From iOS App Store & Mac App Store; New Suite On The Way?

UPDATE: The apps are appearing and disappearing, as of 2:44 a.m. they are back on the U.S. store but a new “Aperture” category is on the Mac App Store. We will keep our eye on this. What makes it odd to us is that ONLY iWork is disappearing, none of Apple’s other applications, just iWork.

Hey guys, we got a tip minutes ago saying that Apple had pulled their iWork applications from iTunes as well as the Mac App Store and I can verify this find. It’s very strange, but we are also getting reports of an updated iWork suite to be released very soon. This could be it. iWork ’11 could finally come out for both the Mac App Store and the iTunes App Store later today, one of my sources says.

I got a second tip from the commenter “Stefan” on one of our posts. So thanks Stefan for the find!

Apple’s iWork ’11 suite has been rumored for a long time now and now with iOS 4.3 looming, this could finally be the time that they release it.

iWork is not available on the iTunes App Store, nor is Numbers available on the Mac App Store as of this writing at 2:14 a.m. The apps on the Mac App Store are disappearing one by one.

We will keep you all updated on this developing story.

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