LEAK: iWork ’11 Imminent; Makes Early Appearance & Pulls A Houdini In Mac App Store

Hey guys, if you’re like me, you are anxiously waiting for iWork ’11 to be announced and released to the public, but today, it made a cameo appearance on the newly opened Mac App Store.

As you can tell, there was a listing for both iLife ’11 and iWork ’11, right now, if you check the store, it will just say iLife ’11 and iWork. Some people are speculating that Apple pulled iWork ’11 at the last second, but I believe it was leftover from Apple’s own beta testing.

I believe iWork ’11 will be announced at Apple’s upcoming (as of yet unannounced) keynote.

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  1. TheBasicMind says

    I think they pulled it. When the AppStore opened the large front page rotating banner entry for iWork said “The amazing new iWork.” This is now gone. All very confusing. My bet is they pulled it at the last minute because while it’s been reportedly ready for launch for a couple of months, it is cloud based and some testing issue with cloud based service has cropped-up. They are worried what will happen when the service has to scale up with lots of users. Highly speculative, it could be for lots of reasons, but having worked on similar projects I can picture that as a likely scenario. It could also be they are simply worried about server load with many users initiating downloads at once. But I think that’s less likely because that’s an obvious question to address and they will have been planning the launch for months, plus they have paid billions developing their new high capacity data centre so should have plenty of capacity.

    • says

      It’s very possible. I’ve heard the same rumblings about iWork ’11 being finished for a long time, but then again, Steve Jobs did talk about bringing AirPlay to iWork, which may be the reason for the delay. I still believe that Apple’s just waiting for their upcoming keynote and for iOS 4.3 to be completed to bring these new AirPlay features.

      Now, as for the scaling part, I would like to think that Apple has learned their lesson with the Push Notifications fiasco. They delayed Push Notifications at least 6 months because they had to make their infrastructure massively scalable.

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