Clarification On Exclusive Deal, App Crashes, Etc.

UPDATE 2: I found the bug. We are hard at work for a fix. 🙂 For more details on what exactly is going on, check out my press release:

We Fixed The iPhoneSK Bug: For Real This Time

UPDATE: I suspect this issue of the crashing app is on BigBoss’ end. It may be a permissions issue or something to that extent.

As I said, I’m in Chicago right now, and I’m trying all I can do from here.

Guys, we are not offering you a new cellular network. YOU are still gonna be on T-Mobile or whatever network you are on.

The service we are providing UNBLOCKS data service that was otherwise blocked by T-Mobile (sidekick plan) or AT&T (GoPhone plan) (for example).

However, I will be writing a tutorial soon on how to get basically free* phone service from T-Mobile and just having to pay us $98 a year (no, none of this is on contract, this is just over a 12 month period) instead of the $366+ you’d pay T-Mobile per year on the Sidekick plan.

I am in Chicago right now. I am not even supposed to be writing today, but my inbox is incredibly full of a lot of the same questions and concerns.

I will be providing more info tomorrow when I come back from Chicago.

Now, as for the app crashes. Redownload the app. I will take a look at it and why it crashes when I come back.

Its running just fine on my iPhone 3G (firmware 3.1.3) and I even downloaded it from BigBoss like all of you did today.

As you can see, the app works on my iPhone:


  1. DC says

    He didn’t get 3g, that’s not physically possiable since the iPhone doesn’t support tmobiles 3g band, he just used a hack to say 3g when it is really edge lol. and there’s is no unlocked for 3.1.3, he just used a custom firmware and didn’t upgrade the baseband, therefore keeping his unlock, he is still using the 3.0 ultrasn0w unlock lol

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