Your iPhone Data Is Not As Safe As You Think

Uh Oh more security flaws with the iPhone.  This leak could really hurt Apple’s enterprise partners.

Bernd Marienfeldt and Jim Herbeck have discovered that when you plug a non-jailbroken iPhone 3GS into a computer running Ubuntu Lucid Lynx allows someone to have almost full read access to the phone’s storage even if it is locked with a PIN. They think that soon they will be allowed full read and write access with a buffer overflow. With FULL ACCESS, someone could view your email, read and send text messages, and even make phone calls even though you though you had your phone locked.

Source Bernd Marienfeldt


  1. Angel says

    I hope apple gets off it’s ass and finally give the populace what they want, an unlocked version of the iPhone

  2. says

    Somerandom: Great! This app really is beautiful. I love how a little drawing comes to life. My original design was morphed into a great app! Great job Mike and Brandon! (I don’t have Snow Leopard so I can’t work on iPad GUI, iPhone apps-only for me on this end for now)

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