You can now Pre-Order the T-Mobile iPhone 5

T-Mobile has started taking pre-orders for the newest model of the iPhone 5 that works on their network. Pricing options are as followed for the 16GB:

You can pay $99 down and then $20 each month for 24 months or you can purchase it outright for $579.99. Purchasing it through T-Mobile will save you $69, as Apple charges $649 for an officially unlocked 16GB iPhone 5.

It appears that there is only a 16GB white or black option available. Those of you wishing for a 32GB or 64GB will have to wait. UPDATE: It appears existing T-Mobile users can select all sizes and colors when pre-ordering the iPhone 5.


Click here to pre-order the T-Mobile iPhone 5 now:  It will be available and delivered on April 12, next Friday.

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