Wi-Fi issues after 5.1.1?


A Fix: This is what fixed my particular problem, it might help you. In your router settings change the name of your Wireless Network, then set the encryption to WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] or of that sort. Be sure your router is broadcasting the name too.


This appears to happen with some wireless networks under stock 5.1.1 too -_- I’m not entirely sure on the details but the iOS device will “forget” to reconnect to a specific network forcing you to reconnect manually

Are you experiencing Wi-Fi issues after jailbreaking with Absinthe 2.0? You’re not alone, a couple users have come up to say they are experiencing auto connecting issues where they have to re-input their network password to reconnect to their Wi-Fi network.

Are you having any issues like this? Tell us in the comments

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    • Simpson says

      Weird part is even a stock 5.1.1 device doesn’t auto connect to this specific network -_- when it did just fine in 5.0.1

  1. ipoduser2867 says

    I updated my 4th gen ipod touch with absinthe 2.0 and it lagged so i tried 2.0.1 and it worked but ow it wont connect to any wifi when it worked fine on 5.1.1 un-jailbroken any advice would help

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