Who’s going to buy (save) Sprint?

With AT&T-mobile on the horizon, Sprints stocks fell 15%.  That leaves them perfect for someone to swoop in and get a great deal on a network.  The question is, who?  Should Apple buy into the cell provider market?  They like to be in control of everything, and I would say this would put them in the drivers seat.  They would have their exclusivity back since neither AT&T-mobile nor Verizon would be interested in selling phones for a direct competitor.

Or should Verizon try and put an offer on Sprint?  That could go two different ways in my book.  If they make an offer right away, they force the FCC/FTC into making a decision on the AT&T/T-Mobile deal.  It’s a win-win for Verizon.  If the FCC/FTC approves the AT&T-Mobile deal, how can they turn down Verizon/Sprint?  If they stop both of them, Verizon still stays top dog in the market.

The other way to approach it for Verizon is to wait and see if the FCC/FTC approves it, then come in with a low offer that Sprint will all but have to accept to prevent exiting out the back door of the wireless market.

Or do you have ideas for anyone else?  Comcast? Microsoft? Google?  Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. says

    Nice article Jeremy. But I don’t think this will happen. Not only has Verizon bluntly stated “we don’t need them” but this would MAJORLY cripply consumer choice in the U.S.

    I hate monopolies in a place where monopolies are not needed. This is a very troubling time that we are in. Carriers are running rampant and raising prices to the highest levels, ever.

    The last thing I want is being limited to Verizon or AT&T. I had faith in Verizon that they would help fix the cellular industry now that they got the iPhone to bring more competitive prices and service quality, but I was wrong. Apple was wrong.

    Now with the best carrier, in my opinion, being gobbled up and being used in the AT&T empire to further wage war with Verizon, the cellular industry’s future looks bleak.

    High prices, limited choice, and there will be no one to stop them seeing as they have a lot of influence in Washington.

    Someone needs to start fixing this issue. Carriers are saying that we are getting faster web, 4G speeds, but what they don’t mention is that they are going to cap you and throttle you.

    What good is fast web if you are so limited? Makes no sense.

    Carriers are indeed going to paralyze innovation if this keeps up. The world wants us to move to the cloud, but carriers are going to be the largest barrier in the cloud revolution.

    We need choice, we need unlimited data, we need the FCC to deny the AT&T-Mo deal and any potential Verizon-Sprint deal.

    Unfortunately, they’re going to allow the AT&T-Mo deal, I just know it.

  2. Jeremy says

    Agreed Alan, I don’t think it will happen that Verizon or Apple will buy them. Just throwing out talking points.

    I think the best case scenario for us is if Verizon does put in an offer and forces the FCC to deny them both because of the duopoly that would occur.

    • says

      Yeah, I liked your article and everything, I’m just throwing my thoughts on the matter as well 🙂

      Also, it may get dangerous for AT&T. AT&T’s monopoly was split up about 20 years ago for doing things like this as well and getting rid of competition. After this T-Mobile deal, they will have about 46% marketshare.

      I hope the FCC and SEC take a long hard look at this before approving or doing what they did with the NBC Universal + Comcast and forcing AT&T to offer lower prices and more choices in exchange for allowing the buy-out.

      This is the senario that I am hoping for. I want to see a conditional buy-out like Comcast & NBC Universal are doing.

      Hopefully we will all benefit from this, if the FCC does what it’s supposed to, we should see fairly great things come out of this.

  3. Jason masters says

    I wish I Could buy sprint and then just dissolve them and sell off all the towers and destroy that company! Wishful thinking huh?

  4. Unknown says

    I can see google maybe making offer to buy sprint which would be interesting. Start to see Microsoft and apple then make their own companies with exclusive phones only on their network.

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