White iPhone 4 Thicker Than Black?

White iPhone 4 next to a Black iPhone 4

So here’s the latest debacle with the White iPhone 4.  Are you ready? It’s .02mm bigger!!! According to some early White iPhone owners, this phone is slightly bigger then the Black iPhone 4’s.  Does it make a difference?  Depends on who you ask.  Some people are reporting that they are having problems getting their slide on cases on the new iPhone, while others are saying the difference is so small it just makes your case a little more snug.  One question that begs to be asked is: Will case manufacturers try and capitalize on this and come out with “new” White iPhone 4 cases?

Sitting next to each other on a desk, it looks like the plastic on both sides of the White iPhone has increased.  Some are saying it’s an illusion and Apple is still listing it on their website as the same 9.3mm thick, although the .02mm that is being reported could be within the allowed tolerances that Apple has.  Is this a legitimate issue, or does it just seem thicker?  Anyone have both White and Black iPhones that they can measure with a caliper?  Let us know.

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  1. Sarah says

    With all manufacturing .02 plus or minus is usually allowable. Maybe it is thicker to get the correct color. This is why it was delayed it the first place. It may also make it stronger and prevent cracks if dropped.

  2. Agreeablecorpse says

    Not to contradict Sarah but I am currently working on my industrial engeneering degree and we have discussed this very thing. The allowable variance is almost always a VERY small percentage of the constant measurement. And this .02mm seems completely unexeptable. Is Apple slipping?

  3. says

    I agree with the Agreeablecorpse. Its really unacceptable that apple can pull this. I have worked with a few situations in manufacturing and I there are ways to make this work with out making it thicker. I almost want to say there is more of a reason to it then just color. Its possibly a changed design of the structure of the phone. Maybe a better antenna design or something. I have a hard time believing Apple changed the color of the phone and had to make .02 thicker.

    That is like buying a Black Ford Focus that’s 8 feet long but the Blue Focus is 8.5 feet because its blue. That doesn’t sound right in any situation.

  4. Agreeablecorpse says

    UPDATE……… Mystery solved. It bothered me so much that I went out and bought one. It is .02mm thicker with the front and back protective wrapping on witch makes sense. HOWEVER whe the protective wrapping comes off it is the SAME thickness is te original black iPhone 4. Digital caliper proven on my end. Must have been an homes oversight. My covers fit just fine. 🙂

  5. Pakun says

    The White Iphone is 9.401mm The Black one is 9.308mm, 🙂 I measured them, they did not have any plastic wrapping, Also Dont give me that BULL SHIT about taking 8 MONTHS to change the color of a device? they only did it to force people to buy a Black one and then later on buy a white one, its all about Money… Think about it from Steve’s perspective, Money Money Money

  6. Dave says

    This is an illusion. Check out the rent consumer reports article. And I have measured them myself with a digital caliper. They are exactly the same thickness…

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