Want To Beta Test iPhone OS 4.0?

We are offering the first 50 people who donate $10 or more to LEI Mobile a development spot on our team.  This will let you download and run all the beta versions that come out for iPhone OS 4.0 before the general public.  If you would like this opportunity please donate and in the text box please leave your UDID.  That is your iPhone or iPod Touch’s Unique Device ID.  It is 40 characters long and can easily be found by opening iTunes.

One you see your iPhone or iPod in iTunes go to the Summary tab and click on Serial Number.  It will then change to Identifier (UDID). Then click control c on Windows or command c on Mac.  That will copy your UDID.  Thats all we need to get you registered.

We appreciate your donations!

Also it seems as though Apple is having issues with Windows users. They are getting an error when trying to upgrade. Since this is for developers you will need some sort of access to a mac computer.


        • LEI Mobile says

          You need to open iTunes on your Mac and connect your iPhone. Hold option down and click restore. Then choose the .ipsw file you downloaded. Then you wait till the restore is done.

  1. nicolas says

    i would love to donate ten, but i only have nine dollars on my card…..does that dollar really matter??

  2. Brady says

    My only question is how well does it work cause I rely on my phone for everything. I want to o it because I work for best buy and being able to show customers the beta would be awesome

    • LEI Mobile says

      Yeah it is working really well on my iPhone 3GS. I rely on my phone for everything too and have not had any issues.

  3. Alex Barrera says

    Hey man I just donated the 10 bucks but couldent figure out where to put my udid can you please email me so I can give it to you. I already donated

  4. Brady says

    Is there any way to get it without sending my udid yet? I’m at work and can’t check unless there is a way

    • LEI Mobile says

      you need to load the firmware with itunes, so if you cant do that, there is no reason to do it now. Just wait til you are home then.

  5. Chris says

    Hi i would like to donate.. How do i do it. I have paypal. Also are there any more beta downloads available?!

    • Kevo says

      Did it work for you using windows iTunes?
      Anyone using windows iTunes successfully upgraded?

  6. Kasper says

    Hi 🙂 just wondering… are there any spots left?
    If there are i would love one for 10$ 🙂 and to what mail do i send my UDID?

  7. Chris says


    Have not tried windows itunes… Im trying to find someone with a newer mac.. Dont wana screw up the install

    P.S. My iPhone survived full immersion in a swimming pool.. Blow drying the inards and bowls of dried rice for three days… I love this thing!!

  8. chris says


    How did you get it to work… are there any links I could check out that have instructions on how to get the firmware installed using windows 7?!!!

    • LEI Mobile says

      You can get a copy of vmware for free and then install osx as a virtual machine. You could also take your iPhone and a pen drive with the firmware on it to a best buy or apple store and do it in store.

  9. bucfan0627 says

    hey guys i really screwed up!! i updated my fw to 4.0 and now it says we are unable to complete your activation. WHAT DO I DO??? II know i need a spot on your developer team. Please hheelp

  10. Thomas says

    Can’t install with snow leopard and macbook pro 2008 model (before unibody),
    Itunes crashes when verifying update with apple server, any thoughts or tips?

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