Want To Beta Test iOS 4.3?

Beta Testing for iOS 4.3 has begun and Apple has released the first iOS 4.3 beta 1 to developers on January 12.  The iOS 4.3 beta has some really cool features including mobile hotspots and new gestures for the iPad that eliminate the need for the home button.

Only the iDevices below are included in the iOS 4.3 beta:
* iOS 4.3 beta (iPad)
* iOS 4.3 beta (iPhone 4)
* iOS 4.3 beta (iPhone 3GS)
* iOS 4.3 beta (iPod touch 4th generation)
* iOS 4.3 beta (iPod touch 3rd generation)

If you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad that you would like to use to beta test the iOS 4.3, you are in luck.

You will need to be on an Apple iOS Developer team to Beta Test.


      • Vinny says

        Thanks for that, I’m having a slight problem though..

        I don’t have the gesture pane in the settings (under the side switch pane)

        Is there any reason for this?

        I’ve downloaded the firmware twice now and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve restored ?

        Still no luck

        iPad 64GB WIFI

        • says

          For those of you on an iPad on iOS 4.3, enable the secret multi-touch gesture user interface by connecting it to your computer, opening XCode, open the organizer, and go to the iPad tab. Now, click “Use For Development” and wait until it’s done. Now, go into the Settings application on your iPad and you should see the option magically appear!

  1. Jerry says

    I’m new to all this. I just registered, how long until I get a password? Also, once I donate, how long can I download beta’s, does this last for as long as I own my phone, or does it last until the site closes down?
    Thanks, Jerry

  2. Jerry says

    I’ve signed up and everything was ok’d. Where do I find the 4.3 beta file? Also, still have received the password from the site. Sorry for all the questions, just real new at all of this.

  3. Jerry says

    What I do see is…OS Developer Program for a 99.00 a year. This is grayed out (iOS SDK 4.3 beta). Won’t let me access it. I’m a menber, they did accept that.

  4. Peterdean says

    Are there any spots left for registering my UDID for iPhone 4? If so how soon after I donate will it be before activating/registering the UDID for me?

  5. says

  6. Jerry says

    It says access denied! I got your email and the code now says Invalid Invitation Code. I can get on the site and says I’m registered.

  7. Jason says

    I donated and received my invite for the UDID I sent you earlier today. The UDID is submitted was for my iPad. If I want to run the beta on my iPhone, do I need to donate again or just give you the UDID for my iPhone?

  8. hakeem says

    hi all, i have made a school boy error and installed 4.3 without having a dev account, i cannot get my UDID as it wont activate with itunes servers. is there any other way of getting my UDID as i am willing to make the donation so i can use my Ipad to test 4.3?

    thank you

  9. hakeem says

    i have found something under system profiler, its says serial number but looks way too long to be a serial number, could that be it? i have tried downgrading back to 4.2.1 but it wont let me. any chance i can send you a screen shot?

  10. hakeem says

    just connected my iphone 4 to itunes and clicked on serial number, it changed to UDID and was the same as what was showing for the serial number in system profiler so im assuming its the same for the ipad?

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