Video: Steve Jobs’ Keynote Demo Disaster

Well, earlier today, Steve Jobs was giving his keynote at WWDC 2010 when the network started having issues.

it was a rather embarrassing moment for Steve Jobs as he started to feel the pain, especially when he asked Scott Forstall for assistance “Scott, do you have any suggestions?” [laughs] “Verizon!” yells a random WWDC attendee as the crown roars with clapping and laughter.

Now, if you pay attention, Steve Jobs makes the gesture, if you look closely, that looks like he’s saying “well, they caught us”, then, even more shockingly, he smiles. He then goes on to clarify that he is on Wi-Fi.

There is one more thing that is very interesting to me, if you notice, after the guy yells “Verizon” and Steve hears him, he doesn’t turn back towards the audience (and the cameras) until he manages to get back his composure and manages to get rid of his “damn! you got us!” smile.

This tells me a few things, for one, Steve Jobs is aware at how much of a piece of crap AT&T’s network is. As you can notice, when iPhone 4 switches to 3G he says “oh I know that (referring to the Safari failure message), I didn’t want the cellular network”. If Steve had confidence in AT&T, he would be using the “full bars & 3G service”.

To me, it seems as though Steve ordered his iPhone team to make a fake carrier service reception and an AT&T logo. I find it hard to believe that they get full bars at all times.

Finally, I believe that Steve Jobs knows fully well that his talks with Verizon are going well, as well as the Verizon iPhone’s development is going well also. He just doesn’t want to give away any more secrets, as if enough secrets haven’t been exposed.

So, there you go, my analysis on the 1 minute of video that I think will end up proving truth in the next 6 months -> 1 year.

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    I noticed this article shown in Msn news a little bit ago in the cell phone section so I figured I’d let you know. I tried to give feedback on one of the other blog posts twice but wasn’t able to get it to load.

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