Verizon To Give New iPhone Owners Unlimited Data

Hey guys, some interesting news hitting the blogosphere today, rumors are swirling that Verizon will in fact be giving iPhone owners unlimited data when they sign up! This is huge!

AT&T dropped unlimited date back in the Summer (which I even suggested would have pissed Steve Jobs enough to look for another carrier), so Verizon having unlimited 3G data for all customers is amazing.

This is the single thing that would have held me back from buying an iPhone on launch day, but if this rumor holds true, I am going to be ordering my iPhone online (or maybe stand in line?)

More news tomorrow on the official announcement which will rock the tech world.


  1. Jay-Bo says

    Hey maybe you are the person I need to speak to about my mms problems w/ my iphone 4 firmware 4.0.2. I keep getting this message when people try to send me mms (The media content was not included due to a picture resolution or message size restriction) HELP!!!!!

  2. Jay-Bo says

    Thanks, I will try it once I get a strong enough signal out here in AFG! Hey also, I have heard of an app through Cydia called “Firmware Changer” does it really work?

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