Verizon Swings Back At AT&T; Says It’s ‘Backwards Day’ At AT&T

Hey guys, this is getting pretty crazy in the press. AT&T and Verizon have been going at it all last week and this week. To me, this is just more confirmation of the Verizon iPhone.

Now, this morning, Verizon has come back at AT&T and their comment about customers “being in the slow lane” when they go to Verizon, by saying this:

“AT&T is known for a lot of things, but network quality is not one of them. Typically companies try to call attention to their strongest suit. It must be backwards day at AT&T.”

Things are getting heated in the press, we’ll just have to check out the event that happens in just 20 minutes and see what Verizon has to offer!

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