Update your way to iOS 6 Beta 1

If you really want to give iOS 6 a test spin, theres actually an easy way to do it. (But do it quick because Apple might fix it)

  1. Have a supported iDevice (3GS, iPhone 4, 4s, iPad2, iPad3, iPod Touch 4G)
  2. Install iOS 5.1.1 and let it activate ( DO NOT JAILBREAK)
  3. Activate the iDevice (In iTunes)
  4. Shift+Update in iTunes and select the iOS 6 Beta 1 IPSW

iTunes should update your device to iOS 6 for you to give it a test spin and your device should remain activated since it kept the activation from 5.1.1.



DO NOT post links to the iOS 6 files as your comment will be deleted altogether (we all know where to get it anyway)

There is NO jailbreak for iOS 6 yet, not even a tethered

If your device has previously been registered with a developer, you may still be able to activate on betas.

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