Tutorial: What Is My UDID? (Unique Identifier)

Apple’s iDevices including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad have a Unique Identifier which is UDID for short. This number is 40 digits and specific to the iDevice. It is similar to a serial number.

Apple requires that each iDevice used for developmental and beta testing new iOS versions is registered in the Developer Portal. Some Developers may require your serial number to license their software and some may require the UDID.

To find your device’s UDID:
1. Open iTunes.
2. Click on your iDevice in the left hand tool bar.
3. You will see information about your iDevice and a picture of it.
4. Click on Serial Number with your mouse and it will change to Identifier (UDID).
5. It Now displays your Unique Identifier. To easily copy it, hit Control+C on Windows or Command+C on the OS X.

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  1. Clare Jones says

    Thank you for that. I’m using windows on a PC and the control C command doesn’t work for copying.Any ideas? I’ve used pen and paper!

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