Tool to check if iPhone is Stolen

check activation lock

If you are thinking about purchasing a 2nd hand iPhone off Craigslist, eBay or somewhere else, be sure to use Apple’s new Activation Lock Status Tool. Before you purchase an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from someone else, make sure that Find My iPhone Activation Lock is turned off. If it is on you will need to know the password before you can use the device.

With Apple’s new tool all you have to do is enter the IMEI or Serial Number and it will instantly tell you if it is locked or not. Most stolen items will be locked, but there is a possibility that the owner just forgot to turn off the lock, in that case make  sure they turn it off before you purchase it from them.

If you are looking for more ways to stay safe while shopping for a used iDevice, be sure to read this article:

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