Today’s Mac OS X Lion release is actually older than the Developer GM seed

Today’s Mac OS X Lion release is actually an older build  than the Developer GM seed. Mac OS X Lion was officially released to the public on July 20th 2011. Apple requires you to download their latest software operating system through their Mac AppStore.  You will notice that the build number is 11A494 and that the GM build number that was released to developers is 11A511.

Why is it that developers received a higher build number? If you try to download the RTM (Release To Market) build from the Mac AppStore while you are running the developer GM build you will get the error message: “Install Mac OS X lion 1.0.4 is already installed and was not purchased from the Mac App Store. Do you want to buy OS X Lion 10.7?”

I imagine Apple wants developers to purchase the final version and to do a fresh clean install from their Snow Leopard machine.  As soon as we have information as to how developers can upgrade from Lion GM to the final build we will let you know.


Interesting note: If you look in the package for the developer GM release, at the info.plist file, you’ll see the following version number:  11A494

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      • Ant says

        Once you connect to the net and download the few updates via Software Update it’ll update the build to 11A511. This is what I’ve been told anyway.

        • ti says

          Hi there,

          i bought the lion software from the application of Apple and had each time a msg came up saying……could not finish installation due to an internet connection/check yr connection etc….it’s blocked on 3.15 GB twice.

          Do any one can help me on this…?

    • Peter Trondsen says

      This makes sense, because I had a lot of issues with the GM, and Active Directory, I could not bind a computer with the GM< I had to the previous preview to bind.
      So, maybe they discovered some AD issues, and went back a rev.

  1. Juan says

    I have an incredibly doubt, which one is the mac app store retail? some ones says that 11a494 is the final version and some ones says that 11a511 is the final version, I want to know WHICH ONE IS THE REAL ONE!

  2. MacGuy101 says

    Im still on the GM build and it is 11A511. I went to the app store and when I selected the Lion app it shows (installed) and does not allow me to purchase…

  3. says

    I also downloaded today’s build and found it to be 11A511 (as shown in About This Mac). In addition, I did a diff of today’s build against the GM and they were identical except for the MAS receipt, which of course will be unique for each download. I don’t know how or why some people are seeing 11A494, but what I downloaded today definitely claims to be 11A511.

  4. Danny Garcia says

    If you’re mac is connected to the web during the OSX LION RTM (MAC STORE EDITION) setup, then it will download an update that will make the OSX build 11A511. If it’s not connected to the web during setup, then it will install the older build version aka 11a494. Im sure Software Updates will fix this. In the end all OSX lions will be the GM build number of 11A511.

  5. Omicron says

    On a Macbook Pro with GM 11A511 Lion, I do not see that “Error” message “Install Mac OS X lion 1.0.4 is already installed and was not purchased from the Mac App Store. Do you want to buy OS X Lion 10.7?”

    On an iMac running Snow Leopard, downloaded and updated to Lion via Mac App Store and the build is also 11A511

  6. osisthrill says

    I have the lion GM installed and the build is 11A511 when i check for updates it gives me 2 new updates 1) Remote desktop client update 3.5.1 3.6Mb and 2) iTunes 10.4 83.4Mb

    When i change the plist file in core services from 11A511 to 11A494 and check for updates the same ones came up and plus one more 3) Update for developers running preview 4 – something like that..

    So i believe is an error from the mac app store.. Am 100% that the GM 11A511 is the Final build.

  7. aethys says

    It doesn’t update from 11A494A to 11A511 here on a 2007 iMac at least. It says “Installed” when I go to the App Store and says it’s up to date when I run Software Update. I really hope I don’t have to do a clean install 😛 I don’t see the point about wanting developers to buy 11A511 by forcing them to do a clean install though. They would just not allow it to update through regular Software Update and you would have to buy it through the App Store to update. I bought 11A511 and installed it from the App Store to my 2009 MBP and it still won’t let me update on the iMac.

    • Danny Garcia says

      The reason apple released 11A494A is to accommodate older model macs. If your computer is new enough and meets the requirements to run features of 11A511, then OSX will be able to update. For your 2007 model, Im thinking it might not be compatible with the features available on 11A511 so it wont update to it.

    • jim pace says

      Yes my build was the same as yours. I had downloaded the Developer release being a member which was 11a511 now my new mac mini is 11A2061 whats up with that. I can not install the 11A511 over it error message saying that version can not be installed on this computer

  8. vance matsalla says

    same here i tried to download/purchase but my machine said installed ,i have build 11a511 running smooth and fine

  9. Samir J says


    I am planning to sign up as a MAC developer. So my question is that will I need to buy OS X Lion separately OR the beta version of Lion is same as the release version??

  10. FF says

    Hmm, I faced the fact that the dev preview is not exactly the same as the official 10.7 bundled in the app store.
    10.7.1 is out and I couldn’t upgrade with my version : 11A494a. So probably the package was looking the version of my installation and prevent the upgrade for system lower then the 11A511.
    The thing is that I’ve tried to dummy change the /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist from 11A494a to 11A511 and then I get all the 10.7.1 in the software upgrade.
    Now the fact is that future upgrade might probably not apply cleanly to the dev build… but I bet 11A494a was almost identical to 11A511. What do you think?

  11. Jamie says

    I have an older model Mac (early 2008), as stated in “About This Mac”. Recently, I realized I needed to upgrade my operating system in order to use iCloud. After researching, I found that I had to first upgrade my operating system to the Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system, which I could only order online. Once I installed the Snow Leopard operating system I was then able to download the Mac OS X lion 10.7.2 (11C74) digital software. Now I’m up and running without purchasing a brand new computer! I love apple!

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