Today On Youtube: Verizon Releases New Commercial “Close Up”

Hey guys, well today has been a very eventful day full of Verizon iPhone related news. However, we’re not done yet. Just a few minutes ago, Verizon unleashed their latest Verizon iPhone advertisement and let me tell you, it’s genius.

It takes a direct stab at AT&T and their piss-poor calling services. It really looks as if Apple actually produced this advertisement due to the sleek, beautiful, and well thought out advertisement with the iPhone 4 glamour shots.

So take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below or on our YouTube page.

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    • says

      Yeah, it doesn’t really mean anything, but it looks like it’s working. Then again, regardless of what their ad campaign, Verizon is sold out of iPhones, so you kind of have to give them credit for that though.

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