Today On YouTube: T-Mobile Slams AT&T & Verizon With Latest Ad

Hey guys, as you know, we have a YouTube channel, which is integrated into our widely popular LEI Mobile application, and today, I uploaded an advertisement that T-Mobile just released. This advertisement deals with the iPhone and now it’s featuring both an AT&T and a Verizon guy.

The advertisement goes on to show that 4G is fast and it’s unfortunate that the iPhone isn’t 4G equipped yet. Check it out!


    • says

      Oh, I agree completely. However, I still believe that the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile by mid-2012. These ads may hurt their chances though, but I think that Apple being able to sell phones to 300 million people is more important than having a carrier bash on your carrier partners for a little bit.

      Remember Verizon? They bashed AT&T and have always said that iPhone was a great phone, but with crappy service. Now T-Mobile is doing the same, they aren’t directly bashing the iPhone, this could point to something…

  1. rdd0013 says

    I’ve read that 4G is often slower than 3G and its coverage is pretty spotty. Has that changed or is this 4G superiority thing just propaganda?

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