The world’s smallest folding, pocketable Bluetooth keyboard for your iPhone or iPad

Kickstarter is a great website for companies to get their ideas into reality. Do you wish you had a small Bluetooth keyboard for your iPhone or iPad that you could easily carry in your pocket? Well, Jorno wants to hook you up.

More and more companies are transitioning from the bulky laptops to the slim and sleek iPad. This product is killer for business processionals on the go who prefer the ability to type on a physical keyboard their iPad.

Jorno has 11 days left and is about 85% to the goal. To help reach that goal they have offered new pledge levels to entice more people to fund the project. These new pledge levels include:


1)      The Earlybird Special has been reintroduced and is unlimited! Meaning you can pledge the low $79 when the MSRP is $119

2)      Color choices are now available for the Jorno, including Red, White, and Green


Jorno is a unique folding Bluetooth keyboard that works with iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Go mobile and get productive with Jorno.

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