The New Zen Approach To iPhone App Testing

Building a iPhone apps has become one of the biggest revenue models. But due to the huge clutter of numerous apps in the App Store, Apple demands extreme quality in the apps that are submitted. Though there are many iPhone app development companies, there are very little companies that put a lot of effort into good iPhone app testing . Even in the existing iPhone app testing companies – the testers are not equipped with the latest standards of testing.

With the recent launch of the latest iPhone, iPhone 5 testing needs to be done for all the existing apps and the new upcoming apps as well. More over since the iPhone 5 has not opened up in many markets there are very little iphone5 testers available.

Every app owner by now knows the importance iPhone app testing for their apps. But have you wondered how the big shots in the app world (the top apps) test their apps before launch? That has always been a mystery! Doing a drilled down analysis we heard a unique process called the “ZEN iPhone app testing method” is followed by these big players

Doing some market research we did find one service that seems to be doing some professional iPhone app testing. They in fact do follow the ZEN iPhone app testing process, which is followed in many big companies that rule the app market. The service is also available as a deal in the digital deals site Gentle Ninja. You can check out this amazing iPhone 5 testing offer here:


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