The Biggest News since iPad – The iPad Pro

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the most capable and powerful iPad ever created.

It has a huge screen and more power and performance than any iPad ever created.

New multitasking features with iOS 9 allows you to run apps side by side.


  • full sized software keyboard
  • 12.9″ screen
  • 8MP iSight Camera
  • Touch ID
  • Up to 150MBps LTE
  • 5.6 million pixels. 2732 x 2048 pixels
  • Inside, the new A9X chip. Apple’s third-gen 64-bit chip. Doubled memory bandwidth of A8X and twice the disk performance. Desktop class performance.
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Faster than 80% of portable PCs
  • 6.9mm thin, compared to 6.1mm iPad Air.
  • 3x the audio volume of an iPad Air 2, with FOUR speakers! No more junky single speaker you can block with a hand.
  • wights 1.57 lbs. The same as what the original iPad weighed.
  • Smart Keyboard just for the iPad Pro. This thing is going to compete with the Microsoft Surface. The keyboard is used as a cover for the screen as well. Used with smart connect it delivers power and data all while being magnetic. Smart Keyboard for $169 available in November
  • Starts at $799. $799 for 32Gb Wifi, $949 for 128Gb Wifi, and $1079 for $128Gb with Cellular and Wifi

ipad pro keyboard

  • Apple Pencil – Is what they are calling their revolutionary stylus. Provides optimal accuracy by scanning twice as often. Has built in sensors that detect the force, position, and orientation. It has excellent response from low latency. Battery lasts for hours of use and has a built in lighting connector to charge via your iPad pro. This device is perfect for digital artists! Available November. $99 for Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil

apple pencil

iPad Pro pricing

They also announced the iPad mini 4 where they took the performance of the iPad air and put it into the iPad mini.


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