Tethered iPhone Sends GPS Data to iPad

Kyle Carmitchel of TabletMonsters, has just found a very cool feature on accident.  While driving, kyle had his WiFi only iPad tethered to his iPhone 4 using the new Personal HotSpot feature that is now built into iOS 4.3, and noticed that it was passing along GPS data to the iPad.  The Wi-Fi only iPad does not have a true GPS chip inside like the 3G version, so this is very handy if you would like to use your GPS functions on a larger screen.

Currently this has been tested and confirmed working on both the original iPad and the new iPad 2. The only downfall is that it does not refresh the data instantly.  It only send outs updates every minute or so.  I imagine this is to save battery life, but none the less I hope that Apple or someone else makes the data refresh instantly.

This is very interesting news as I was waiting in line for an iPad 2 this morning I was talking to one of our readers about this same feature. He was actually wondering if you could do that.  Well now there really is an “App for that!”

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