TAIG Released the Jailbreak for iOS 8.4

TAIG Jailbreak Logo

I trust TAIG way more than I do PP, who was accused of stealing the code from TAIG. You can now download TAIG 2.2.0 which supports iOS 8.4. Enjoy!

It appears that they have not updated their website as of yet. It has been updated now: Taig.com/en. They even have a Mac version now instead of Windows Only

current versions as of updating this on August 2o:

Mac: Taig 1.1.0

Windows: Taig 2.4.3

You may still want to hold off for a day or so if you can so that they can work out any bugs if there are any. Don’t be afraid to jailbreak using the TAIG tool though. If there are any bugs you will be able to quickly update via Cydia.

Update: It seams that this jailbreak works perfect for iOS 8.4. I have not  had any issues with it. Hopefully with the release of iOS 9, they will release a jailbreak right away for us!


  1. Prateekk says

    agree that it doesn’t make much sense for this bug to have not impacted eyenvore. From what I have read, some had it kick in as soon as they updated to 2.2 while others it took some time. The reason I suspected it to be in the baseband was because that had changed & is one of the only things that does not get re-written during a restore. Although I am pretty sure I have updated from a fresh 2.2 I am going to try it again just to tell you the outcome. Based on threads, the only fix has been a new phone. :'(How are you convinced 2.2.1 wouldnt update the baseband? Also, if every iPhone was created equal, why wouldnt EVERYONE have this problem? I (along with the upset threaders) arent just making this up for fun ..

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