T-Mobile USA & Sprint Merging?

Deutsche Telekom is thinking about merging T-Mobile USA with Sprint. Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that Deutsche Telekom has began talking about selling off T-Mobile USA to Sprint. Deutsche Telekom will have a major stake in the combined company if the deal does go through. T-Mobile USA and Sprint are the third and fourth largest wireless provides behind AT&T and Verizon.

The iPhone has played a major role in the downfall of both T-Mobile and Sprint. AT&T has stolen many customers from both Sprint and T-Mobile, and now that Verizon has the iPhone as well we may see even more customers jump ship.

T-Mobile has also been in talks of buying out the 4G Clearwire spectrum. We will keep you posted as I know many of you are on T-Mobile as well as myself.


  1. Jason masters says

    Then we are all doomed my friend sprint is by far the worst company ever they should be bankrupt by nowyou should watch the chappelles show where they poke fun at them.

    • says

      Dave Chapelle is hilarious, and yes I agree, I dislike Sprint a lot. I prefer T-Mobile over Sprint but they may be seeking to have a GSM network as well as a CDMA network and a WIMAX network.

      However, as I recall, Sprint was having financial issues as well…..

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