T-Mobile isn’t getting the iPhone 5

This is unconfirmed news but is most likely the truth. T-Mobile is not getting the iPhone 5. T-Mobile is going back to unlimited 4G data and is pressing hard with their AT&T comparisons showing how much money can be saved going with T-Mobile over AT&T.

TmoNews has just released some internal information that they got that shows that T-Mobile is adding micro SIM Kits For iPhone 4/4S and training employees For “Selling Against The iPhone”. The Micro SIM kits will be leveraged for individuals bringing their own compatible device to be used on T-Mobile’s network. The new micro SIM Kit, which is compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S allows customers to bring their unlocked iPhones to the T-Mobile network. We all know that a new iPhone will be released this September and these T-Mobile training memos pretty much confirm that T-Mobile will not be offering the iPhone but they will support unlocked versions.

T-Mobile does not support the iPhone’s 3G/4G band yet. So if you switch to T-Mobile you only get 2G speeds currently. This is changing however and T-Mobile’s network should be fully supported by the end of the year. It is already live in certain parts of the country.

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