Super Water Happy Time With iPad Case

Stupid name but it gets the point across now doesn’t it? A wonderful way to start 2011 is to find out your Apple Brand iPad case has a bigger dislike of water than the device itself.

Here’s the story, I had taken my iPad out of the case so I could dock it using Apple’s dock (nice going Apple with the accessories that don’t go together) and then I spilt soda on the cases front side. SO I decided to soak it in warm water to wash the soda off, laid it out to try using a towel to help, and well the picture speaks for itself!

I can still use this case (but I lost it) and it’s really really ugly now…. I knew I hated the material it was made of to begin with, but it was the best of my choices at the time.

The Moral of the story is: Apple iPad Case + Water = Ugly Apple iPad Case 😛

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