SpiritOfLogic Big Christmas YouTube Prize Competition

SpiritOfLogic, the creators of the best jailbroken app, iRealSMS, is holding a contest where you can easily win $100 in Paypal and all of their products including: iRealSMS, PwnTunes, and PhotoAlbums+

We here at LEi mobile would also like to giveaway a copy of iRealSMS or one of their another applications.  All you have to  do is create a video and submit it to SpiritOfLogic to try and win their contest and then post a link to your YouTube video here.  We will randomly choose a winner.  This gives you multiple chances to win something.  Good Luck!

To celebrate the holiday season we at SpiritOfLogic would like to award 5 lucky individuals on Christmas day with up to $100 cash prize!

The Contest:

    You have to record a YouTube video, where you clearly show and explain one of our products. (PwnTunes, iRealSMS 3.0 or PhotoAlbums+) And the top 5 entries win! Its that simple.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • video has to be of good visual and audio quality.
  • the products use is demonstrated and narrated using clean language(no profanity).
  • Send your submissions to info@irealsms.com OR post them in the following thread [Submissions Thread].
    • Include a valid link to your YouTube video
    • Please do not double post unless you are submitting more than one entry
  • Have fun with it!

Now lets get to the good part…
The Prizes:

  • 1st: $100 & licenses for all SpiritOfLogic products.
  • 2nd: $60 & licenses for all SpiritOfLogic products.
  • 3rd: $30 & licenses for all SpiritOfLogic products.
  • 4th & 5th: licenses for all SpiritOfLogic products.
    Prize money will be awarded via PayPal.


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