UPDATE: Spire Proxy Host

UPDATE: It looks like we wont see free siri proxy servers due to them getting overloaded. If we were to set up private servers for you what is a fair price you would pay per month? Leave us some feedback in the comments.

LEI Mobile will release a Spire Proxy Host that is available to the general public. We are doing some internal testing currently and will have a Proxy Host released shortly. We will also release a guide on how to set up a Proxy Host for Spire soon!

Unsure what Spire is? Spire is a Siri port that will work on all devices running iOS 5. Now you can use Siri on your iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch! In order to get Spire you will need to jailbreak your iPhone and download Spire from Cydia.

In the mean time you can set up your own Spire Proxy Host with and iPhone 4S token or you can use some of the public Spire Proxy Hosts below:

Spire Proxy Host List:

  • Spire Proxy Host Mirror 1 (coming soon)
  • Spire Proxy Host Mirror 2 (coming soon)

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  1. jimi says

    i just hope people realize by using a public siri proxy, it is a huge security risk to their personal information (contacts, email, etc). i hope people understand this.

  2. Dean says

    Maybe you don’t understand that even if they make a proxy server you still can’t use Siri without 4s key. To make a spire proxy is very easy and there are many tutorials how to make a proxy. Still can’t use Siri. If someone can make a siri server that can respond correctly only then we can use siri.

    • says

      You don’t have a proxy. A proxy is a server that you connect to before connecting to apple. In order for a proxy to connect to apple it needs to have authentication tokens from a legit iPhone 4S.

  3. JohnnyBoy says

    damn, really? paying monthly? i was hoping the server would be released before my deployment. oh well, looks like ill be getting a 4s or 6 when i get home…..

  4. stani33 says

    monthly fee for something that apple may stop any moment?
    i think its better to give those 5 bucks to get 4s and use siri like normal people

  5. says

    Special offer: $10.00/month for the first 10 people who will be included in our beta test. We will launch a service shortly to the public and pricing will be at least $15.00/month. So if you want to be a part of the initial testing sign up now though paypal. Our paypal email is info@leimobile.com. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you want to cancel with in the first 2 days. More details will follow with the next week.

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