Should I Jailbreak My iPhone?

The iPhone is one of the most sought after model of cell phones in the world. It is said that the applications and functions of a regular cell phone that is in the same model category of the iPhone doesn’t have the same quality as the iPhone. The iPhone is currently on its 5th generation and still offers the same quality of outputs but with more available features. The iPhone has a clearer camera that is capable of capturing the details of every image. The iPhone also has a clearer and crisper sound quality compared to other phones. The most amazing thing about it is that it is capable of downloading several applications from the app store that is owned by the same company that manufactures the iPhone.

The iPhone proved to be a cell phone that can cater to all tasks needed to be done by a contemporary man. Unfortunately, the iPhone has a flaw in it – some consider it as a major flaw while some look at it as a minor flaw. The thing that gives the iPhone it flaw is its limited application range. The limited application range of the iPhone is its incapability to download 3rd party application and tweaks that Apple does not approve. Some users of the iPhone never seemed to find the application that they’ve wanted in the application store that is intended for the iPhone but may find it on the popular store called Cydia. The iPhone has a security lock that rejects other applications that are not approved to run on the iPhone without the approval of Apple. However, this flaw is not absolute and can be fixed by a process called jailbreaking.

The term jailbreak is used to describe a method wherein the security feature of the iPhone as to its application compatibility is being over-written and unlocked. By unlocking this security feature it will allow your iPhone to recognize unapproved applications from other application manufacturers that produce apps not found in the Apple App Store. Jailbreaking allows the iPhone to run 3rd party apps, tweaks, and allows full customization. The extended application capabilities will sure give you the reason why you should jailbreak your iPhone.

But there is one thing that you should be careful about, you must pay a lot of attention to the applications that you are transferring on your iPhone. Some free or paid application sources may contain malware or unauthorized access to your data in their apps. These viruses that might be transferred to your phone might slow down its functions and even damage it to the extent that it cannot be used anymore without doing a full restore.

On the brighter side of jailbreaking, if you somehow find an application source that provides clean and safe application programs, you can upgrade the capabilities of your iPhone. The additional functions that your iPhone can perform might give you the convenience of using your iPhone to perform functions that are originally performed by other types of electronic gadgets. And most importantly it will not make your iPhone boring; instead it will make it cooler than anyone else.

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