Russian Hacker Cracks Apple’s In-App Purchases

Developers beware! All applications on the Apple App Store could easily be hacked and run on unauthorized devices. Developers were able to get around this buy locking premium content down with in-app purchases. Well those days are over. A Russian hacker named ZonD80 who posted the video above, has bypassed in-app purchases. At this point it seems that apps which properly validate in-app purchase receipts are unaffected by the hack; however, it appears that many apps do not do this.

We encourage all developers to change the way they are doing the in-app purchases with their apps to stop this hack. We also encourage all users to stay away from trying this hack as your connecting to a Russian server. While you may be saving money by pirating an app, the Russian’s may be accessing your personal data. The bad news is that there will be lots of little kids trying to do this hack as it is very simple and you do not need a jailbroken device. You install 2 CA certificates and change DNS settings on your device.

We will wait to hear back from Apple to see what they do to fix the current situation.


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