Rumor Round-Up: What To Expect From Apple.

Hey guys, here we are again, on the midst of an Apple keynote event. This is probably one of the most anticipated events in a long time coming from Apple, a new CEO, new phone, new OS, new carrier partner, etc. So, I’m here to give you all a general round-up of all of the announcements you should expect this week.


The first, and most important, is the next generation of iPhone(s?). Our sources have been saying that we will be getting 2 new iPhones. We have quite a bit of detail on them and even some stuff that we are simply not allowed to share. Basically, there will be an iPhone 4S that will retail for $99 on a 2 year contract, this is just an upgraded iPhone 4 that also solves antennagate and carry an A5 chip and nothing else.

Also, there will be an iPhone 5, now, it’s possible that this new iPhone will not be getting a redesign but our sources are saying it won’t be a radical change until atleast 2012’s product cycle. This new iPhone will get a bigger battery, smaller board, fixes antennagate, A5, 1GB RAM, and it will RETAIN IT’S 3.5″ SCREEN! We can’t stress this enough, all of our sources have stated that “there is no screen bound for an iOS device with a screen size that lies between a 3.5″ and a 9.7″ capacitive touchscreen display.”

We expect a launch on either October 14th or October 21st. Oh, and before I forget, the iPhone is indeed headed to Sprint.


Next up, iOS 5. Again, this is a no brainer. We expect to hear about iOS 5 as well as a few (as of yet) unannounced major tentpole features and we expect a Gold Master to be released shortly after the keynote to developers as well as a public launch date. We expect this date to be either October 14th or October 17th.

Also, we should expect to see Apple’s new “Assistant” feature to be announced. Now, this goes with iOS 5 being announced and everything, but we have yet to hear a credible source say that the iPhone 4 won’t run Assistant. Why? The explanation I have is that this is why there hasn’t been an iOS 5 beta in over 4 weeks. Apple has reached the limit and can no longer publicly release versions of iOS 5 that don’t contain pieces of Assistant.

Also, another feature that will be announced will be 360 degree panoramic photography. We are not sure if this will be available for the iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 4S & iPhone 5, but it will be a feature in iOS 5.

Oh, and to go with this iPhone announcement, we expect a small mention of a next-generation iPod touch that will carry an A5 chip, 512MB of RAM and will come in black or white.


Next up, iCloud. This is another huge thing that will launch. We expect this to launch on the day that iOS 5 launches to the public. Us developers have been using iCloud for months now and I can personally tell you that it is really an incredible thing that you don’t ever think about. This is what makes it “magical”. You don’t think about it and it’s a no-brainer, just as Apple intended.

iTunes Match will also make an appearance, now, we are unsure about this one. We are unsure if iTunes Match will be launched at the same time as iOS 5/iCloud judging by the beta that we’ve been using. It just doesn’t feel like it will be done in time for an October 14th/17th launch. It works great but the matching algorithm is still far from feeling complete. Possibly an early November launch, but we hope Apple launches at the same time as everything else.


Next Up, Mac OS X 10.7.2, this is a major update to Lion. I’ve been running this for months now (with the latest beta being released 48 hours ago) and it’s extremely well done. This bring iCloud to the Mac and it fixes A TON of Lion bugs and boosts performance. Even the first 10.7.2 beta was better than the public 10.7/10.7.1 release at the time.


Finally, we expect the end of an era, in more ways than 1. The first is obvious, Tim Cook is Apple’s CEO, this is the first test of his public persona. This event is extremely important to Apple, Tim Cook, the entire Apple executive team, and Steve Jobs. They need to really sell this and reassure investors and the public that Apple can still be Apple with Steve Jobs out of the picture.


Also, we expect the iPod brand to come to an end. Apple will finally kill the iPod starting on October 4th. The iPod Classic, the iPod Shuffle, and the click wheel will be phased out as well as the iPod brand will be stripped away from iOS 5. We expect the iPod touch to keep it’s iPod name but for how much longer, we’re not sure. Also, the iPod Nano is expected to stay. So with Steve Jobs goes the iconic iPod that saved Apple and launched them into the public eye once again.



We have some breaking news, it is also said that Sprint will be getting the iPhone 5 exclusively though 2011. WSJ & BGR have said that the Sprint iPhone 5 will be an all new redesign with a 4″ screen, NFC, iPad 2-like metal back, A5, Assistant, and 1GB of RAM.

Read more about it by clicking here!


So there you go guys, lots of great news and other not-so-great news (for you iPod lovers out there). Again, we encourage everyone to come check us out on Tuesday @ noon (central) for live coverage of Apple’s iOS press event. Either come to the site or if you want some brief bulletins, make sure to check out our Twitter or Facebook feeds where we will be posting news as we post it on the site.

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      Yeah, we would still be speculating if T-Mobile hadn’t said so. I do believe the iPhone 5 will be capable of using T-Mobile’s 3G data though, you’ll just have to buy it unlocked for $649.

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