Review: YouTube Music NON-STOP: MixerBox

YouTube Music NON-STOP: MixerBox, developed by MixerBox Inc., seamlessly connects you to YouTube to allow you to listed to your favorite music non-stop and discover friends’ favorite music.

In order to use MixerBox you must connect with your Facebook account. Not everyone has a Facebook account so this may upset some people. It would be nice if you could just connect with your YouTube account. Once it connects to your Facebook account, it looks at what you like and creates playlists based on your likes. Since I like the Green Bay Packers and Lil’ Wayne, the first song that played was Green and Yellow which is Lil’ Wayne’s Green Bay Packers remix to the popular Wiz Kalifa song Black and Yellow.

Not only will you have your playlist to start, you will also be given recommendations. Playlists are super easy to create. Just click add playlist, give it a name, search for a song, and then add it to your playlist. If your in the mood to check out some new music, head over to the Discover section. From here you can quickly listed to some of the popular playlists like the Michael Jackson Collection.

Again, there is no way to connect to your YouTube account as of now. I hope the developer can take some time to add this in. That way you can have your YouTube playlist play right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Still this is a great app and has lots of potential to make it even better. YouTube Music NON-STOP: MixerBox is normally $4.99, but it is on sale for the very low price of FREE. Make sure you grab it today because tomorrow it will be gone.

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