Review: Xiimo for iPad

Xiimo is dedicated to building smart tools to help small businesses. They offer an integrated marketing and loyalty point-of-sale tool. The application makes it simple and FREE for businesses to manage inventory and take payments without some fancy and expensive software.

Currently Xiimo offers cash transactions only, but we have been told that credit card processing is coming soon. The app is super easy to use and set up and allows you to have multiple accounts and roles so that you can set up limited functionality for employees.

Once you have your products set up you just tap the product your selling and it adds it right to the cart with the total and included tax. There is also a screen for change, so you can quickly see how much the customer will get back if they give you a larger amount.

Xiimo is socially connected. You can link up with Facebook, FourSquare, and Twitter to create and post promotions. If your customer shows you a promo code, you can quickly apply it to the order. You also get a free website that they generate for your business. It includes your business information, maps to find you and your promotions. Automatically, with no maintenance required.

One of the best features is the analytics that they offer. You can view all of the transaction history and see your total sales and the number of products sold. You can also quickly narrow it down to the last 7 days, or last month. With over 700 small businesses currently using the system, you won’t be disappointed. Check out the service yourself and download Xiimo on the Apple App Store today!


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