Review: Wsup Now

Looking for a drag show, gay party, or lesbian event? Wsup Now app is just what you need. Currently Wsup Now is limited to San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Chicago. They are adding more and more cities and will even be international. You can quickly search your local events but if you register for an account you will get a few added benefits. Registering allows you to take event photos, save events, create and edit events (on the Wsup Now website), and also get exclusive content through the Wsup Now newsletter.

Each Event gives you event details like what the theme is and which DJ will be there etc. You can see how many miles away the party is and even get driving directions. Wsup Now for iPhone is FREE for a limited time (normally $1.99). If your into this kind of party scene, be sure to grab this app while it is FREE so that you have all the parties right at your finger tip. With Wsup Now (What’s Up Now), you’ll always have gay, lesbian, and queer nightlife at the tips of your fingers.

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