Review: WordMic for iPad

WordMic, developed by Focustrain LLC, allows you to read, record, and share your favorite books and stories. WordMic converts your voice and page images into a video that can be shared through email, Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube or Google Drive.
Word Mic is a great way to reinforce reading and language concepts and build a new reader’s confidence. And, because Word Mic can import PDF’s, teachers and students can save their own stories and drawings or illustrations as PDFs, and then create a video with the author’s voice narrating their new “book.” The app works great for flash cards, math problems, alphabet review, sight words, and virtually any concept that can be saved in PDF format.

With WordMic you Import a book from any website or even your Dropbox. If you are unsure where to get FREE books, look no further. WordMic incorporates a bunch of FREE books  for you to download as well. Now you have access to all of your books and can record them instantly. This is a great tool for teachers and students to help track their reading level and see how they have progressed. It is also a great tool for parents to read their child’s favorite book and record it so that they can play it back when they are gone.

WordMic is currently FREE on the Apple App Store but it will only be FREE for a limited time. Hurry up and grab this app before the price jumps back to $1.99.

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