Review: What Are Apps – Magazine

What Are Apps? Most people reading this blog probably already know what an app is, but the What Are Apps Magazine is much more than just telling you what apps are. This Magazine for iPad is a FREE download but then may or may not cost money based on subscription. Currently you can get a FREE subscription for quick decision makers.

Right now there are just 2 issues of the magazine. The first issue basically goes over what applications are, who should use them, how they can benefit you, as well as some other articles like why iPhone apps are better than Android apps. The second issue of the magazine is the first edition of 7APPS Express Edition. They pick 7 applications and do a full review on them. This is an excellent way to find new applications that are highly rated that you may not of heard about.

This magazine is surprisingly very good. The Cover of the magazine issues may not look that great but the internal content is excellent. The articles are laid out very well and the graphics are very nice, animation and navigation are very smooth, and embedded videos that you can watch truly make this a well done digital description magazine.

Make sure to go and download What Are Apps Magazine today and get in on the early action with a FREE subscription. The best part is that the magazine will go into your Newsstand app that I know a lot of people are not using.




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