Review: Weather and Clock for Kids

Weather and Clock for Kids, developed by Kidoteca, is exactly what it sounds like. It is an app the displays the weather and time for children using cartoon characters and animation. The included weather and clock applications that come standard on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPhone are somewhat boring, especially for kids. Weather and Clock for kids changes it up and makes checking the time and weather enjoyable for the youngsters.

A cute little mouse is able to speak out the 7-day forecast, current time and date, as well as the current temperature. In a way this is also a learning tool for children as they can hear and see exactly whats on the screen which can help them read. This app is great for children that cant read as well, as the spoken commands will be able to tell them the information they need.

The application is fully interactive and you can touch on just about anything and it will do something like opening the window and turning on the fire. You can also listed to the mouse radio with original songs and comedy presented in mouse language. As the time and weather changes, the mouse’s outfits will change as well as the wallpaper.

Weather and Clock for Kids is currently priced at just $0.99 and is a great little application that young children will enjoy and a learning tool at the same time. This is a universal application, but unfortunately it has not been updated to take full advantage of the iPhone 5’s screen yet. Check it out on the Apple App Store today!


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