Review: WaterField Designs Suede Jacket for iPhone 5

If you are like me and hate having your slim and sexy iPhone 5 ruined by a big bulky case, then you need to check out the iPhone 5 Suede Jacket by WaterField Designs. This is the best possible case you can purchase for your iPhone 5 if you want the original feel but with a bit of protection from lint and dust.

Before I started using the iPhone 5 Suede Jacket I wont constantly use my pockets to store the iPhone 5 and noticed that I was getting lint stuck in the headphone jack or speakers. Overtime you may even start to notice the aluminum edges of the iPhone 5 start to wear. Luckily the Suede Jacket saved the day. This ultra suede material is perfect for protecting your iPhone 5 from scratches as well, especially if you have keys in the same pocket.

The iPhone 5 fits snug into the case and can be quickly slid in and out. While doing so, it will also clean the screen as well. If you have some stubborn smudges just take your Suede Jacket and wipe the screen.

When you first fit the iPhone Suede Jacket onto your iPhone 5 you will notice that it is extremely tight and may be a bit tricky to slide it in and out. Give it a few days and the fabric with stretch and fit like a glove. I truly enjoy using the Suede Jacket and using my naked iPhone 5. All I have is Ghost Armor clear protection and the Suede Jacket.

In the event that your Suede Jacket gets dirty, you can easily rise it it water and then let it drip dry. It’s better that your case gets dirty instead of your iPhone!

The iPhone Suede Jacket can be purchased at and is available in 3 different styles with the optional pocket.  Pricing starts off at just $10! Typically I like to get just the plain black version without the pocket, but decided to change it up this time and added the pocket. Originally I thought I would never use the pocket because that would just add more bulk that I hate. The pocket is actually really great. You can store your ear buds, money, ID, credit cards, or whatever else you can fit in the mesh pouch.

If your someone who prefers a little more style that just plain black you will want to check out their Zebra or Cheetah prints. They will cost you $2 more, but hey, you have to pay for style right? So, they would cost $12 or $16 with the pocket.

I am very careful with my iPhone, but you may have the occasional accident where you might drop the phone, luckily the Suede Jacket will offer some protection but not that much. You can also choose to get a Suede Jacket that works with the bumper case if you want a little extra protection for your device.

WaterField Designs make a ton of great cases for the iPhone, iPad, and other electronics. If you are looking for a super slim and sexy case be sure to check out the San Francisco company WaterField Designs.

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