Review: Wannabat Season – Baseball for iPhone & iPad

Wannabat Season, developed by vitusoft, is a 2 player street baseball game where you battle it out pitching and hitting. The rules are similar to a home run derby where you get points for how far you hit the ball. There is no running of bases involved.

The game’s graphics are beautiful. Everything is artistically drawn and the physics are amazing. When you first start the game you have the option to choose one of two characters, a male named Bart, or a female named Shirly. You then can customized their skin and hair color.

Throughout the game you will get a very detailed guide explaining how to play the game and what options are available. You have the option to upgrade your skills, buy bats and gloves, and even new clothes to customize your character to make them unique. Upgrading your skills allows your player to hit harder and throw faster making it easier to take down rivals.

As you progress through the game you will unlock SP, Gold and Experience which is used to upgrade your skills. After each match you are graded on your performance so you can see exactly what your doing right and what your doing wrong.

You can earn even more rewards by connecting to their network and playing online against others. You can get 300 Stars if you get another user to recommend you and 1000 gold just for liking the on Facebook. My name is Chow so add me as a friend and recommend me. I will do the same for you!

Overall Wannabat Season is a great game. The graphics and gameplay are done right but there are a few downfalls that will be resolved in an update. These things include simple spelling errors, and formatting of words. Don’t let those turn you off though. It is a great game!

Wannabat Season is FREE but also has a $0.99 paid version that is the exact same except you get to start out with 3000 stars ($2.99 value). Check out Wannabat right now. It is a very fun game!


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