Review: Voltage iPhone and iPad App

Voltage is a strategy game that just went FREE via FreeAppADay. Go grab it now as it won’t last long. Voltage was developed by Boolba Labs, LLC and is available for both the iPhone and iPad. You can also run it on the iPod Touch too obviously.

Voltage uses OpenFeint technology so that you can compete against others and log high scores. When you launch the game your presented with some nice background music, but for those of you that don’t like background music in games you can easily disable it along with the sound in the options tab. Voltage also offers some in-app purchases that let you remove the ads for $0.99 and buy up to 5000 coins for $29.99. Voltage has 4 different modes that you can start with: Story Mode, Unlimited, Time Limit, and Block Limit.

The main objective of Voltage is to complete the 67 levels in Story Mode by swiping to drop the block and complete the electrical circuit. Once you complete the circuit you pass the level and move on to the next. The first couple of level are pretty easy to figure out but as you move to the higher levels they get more challenging and you have to think ahead of what your next move will be.

With almost 70 levels in Story Mode and 3 other modes available, Voltage will keep you busy. Make sure to check out Voltage while it is currently FREE. The price may jump up at any time.

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